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  1. Good luck finding a deal on white walls. They are hard to come by. And it seems like the wider the white. The more they cost. I hunted for a reasonably priced set of white walls. I wanted a narrower stripe. I found some cheap at NTB. They were $68 mounted and balanced last year. They are cheaper now. They are closeouts and limited supply. I have put maybe 2000 miles on these with no problem. http://www.ntb.com/tires/sku-detail/Neptune-UN101/P225-75R15-102S-225-75-15/sku770007.s?pageName=SLP&skuId=sku770007
  2. I used some from a 66 Olds. I think these are the same. http://www.ebay.com/itm/65-72-A-body-Bucket-Bench-Deluxe-Seat-Belt-Retractor-Covers-2pc-GTO-SS-W30-GS-/190897281905?pt=Vintage_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2c725d5b71&vxp=mtr
  3. Holler at these guys.http://www.coilsprings.com/
  4. Those automatic trannys are alien technology. Tread lightly my friend. You may unlock a gate to another realm.
  5. I don't think there is any "softening" old vinyl. It won't take on oils like leather does. Good news though. The rear seats are 10 times easier to re-upholster than the front seats are.
  6. I ran mine under for a couple of years with no issue.
  7. I'm still limping along on my long ago recored radiator. Last repair was a split seam across the front of the bottom tank. At $50-$75 each time I take it in I've spent half of what a new radiator would be on the old P.O.S.. I'm giving up on the old radiator. I'm getting a new one from http://www.usradiator.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?model=143&q=1965+buick.
  8. Big Cajones !! Ed, I had no idea you are Latino!
  9. Hey what's wrong with a Plymouth color on a Riviera???
  10. 1927 model t Ford hot rod in it's infancy. And a 1980 2wd Blazer in the back ground. That has been broken and fixed. Then broken again.
  11. I have a pile of receipts from Hancock Automotive in Nevada MO. left from the previous owner of my Riviera. The car had $7800 dollars worth of receipts in a two year period (99-00). The majority of which was Hancock. Everything they did is holding up (motor and tranny rebuild plus many small jobs). I know Nevada isn't super close to Nixa. And alot can change in a business in 15 years.
  12. A few years ago. I parked in a stall at the local coin-op car wash in my Riviera. In the next stall is a gal in a Prius. We went to get change and she asked me "What kind of car is that?". I replied "That is the polar opposite of your Prius". She laughed. But was really interested in the Buick. She even asked if she could set in it. I was shocked given her choice in a car. Kind of cool.
  13. That same pad has been for sale for nearly two years that I know of. I seriously considered it in 2012. But got a nice stocker for $200. Dyed it to match and off I went.
  14. I have Monroe Sensa Tracs on my Buick. They are from Rock Auto. They are fine. Bilstein's are a great shock. I bought a set for a lowered Roadmaster station wagon I had. No complaints on the performance. But the price. I guess I'm too cheap to spend $500+ on shocks nowadays.
  15. Looks like a great car. Why would they post pics on a trailer?? That makes it seem like less of a car.
  16. I contacted Coil Spring Specialties about drop springs. They are about 100 miles from my home. They were more expensive than Jamco. Even though they supply Jamco in California. Go figure.
  17. I got my print in today. It is very impressive. I sent the gal an email to tell her I really like the print and carry on.
  18. Here's another shot. I didn't like it as well. But I would have never thought to crouch down to incorporate the facade of a haunted house in the photo.
  19. $5800 is way too much. But he claimed to give $7200 for it. That is NUTS. Where are guys like this when I'm trying to sell. It's in SoCal. Maybe he's dealing in Peso's.
  20. I have tried to take artsy photos time and time again. They NEVER look all that good. We went to a car show in the West Bottoms on Kansas City a few weeks ago. It was a some what cold rainy day. I noticed a young lady snapping several photos of my car. She gave me a card. I finally looked up the site and found some great pics of my car on there. I ordered this print. I know the color has been altered. But I was very impressed she got such a cool photo on a day like that. I can't wait to get the print in the mail. 24x18 hanging on the shop wall.
  21. A small blow to those fetching insane money for these emblems. Post pics!
  22. I bought some things from Dean several years ago. He had ALOT more stuff. 1958 Bonneville conv.. Several 1931 Chevrolets. Tons (literally) of Griswold cast iron. He claimed to own 30+ Rivieras. The rest were on a farm nearby. The auction was probably the left overs.
  23. Check and make sure if you set the wheel deeper on the hub that you don't hit the fins on the drums. I had trouble with the hoop of the rim (with the wire wheels) hitting the flared out part of the fin. It would be a shame to have the hub machined. Only to discover it still won't work. I couldn't find white walls in a 235/70/15 to replace the Michelins that were 13 years old. Except Vogues. I went with 225/70/15.
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