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  1. I used these with my wires on the rear with no issues. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2pcs-1-5-5x5-to-5-x-5-Wheel-Spacers-1-50-inch-38mm-Adapters-5-lug-1-2-/251637724099?hash=item3a96c6f3c3. The wire wheels are 15" and contacted the fins as yours do. I have used spacers like these on Suburbans without issue as well. I don't think these would be a great alternative on a high horse power drag car. But use them sensibly. And they will do the job.

  2. I just got a smokin' deal on a wood wheel for my '65. But it is bare. Where can I find a collar adapter And a horn button. Not interested in horn bar. I really am not opposed to using close to specs after market. Does anyone have something they have come up with? Looks like GM used the same center in a lot of the optional wheels of that time frame. Thanks, Bill

  3. After the interior woes with them. I hadn't planned on EVER purchasing anything else. And when I hold a grudge it usually sticks. I haven't shopped at Walmart in 22 years. The price lured me in. $417 vs $485 for the same part. It's in. It's right. It runs cool. Happy Happy Happy. But NEVER order saddle seat covers from them. No bueno. Bill

  4. How does April 18th sound to everyone? It's a Sat. We can get together at around 3. That will give us at least 3 1/2 hrs. to look at the cars and tell tales before dark sets in. If it all fizzles out quick the Jackson drive car show would be on the way home for all of you. So the night won't be a wash. I'm 4.6 miles north of Grain Valley on I-70. We don't have to do it here. If there is a better spot. Let me know, Bill

  5. Ed, I'm game to plan a date in April or May (not the first weekend in May. I going to the Stray Kat 500). Do you want to have it at my house? Or all meet at the cruise night on Jackson drive on a Sat.? It's actually called Hartman Heritage Center. I know I have seen Gordon there. It's a huge cruise night (as many as 600 cars) every Sat. night. Let me know which is better for everyone. And when. Bill

  6. I just installed a radiator I purchased from OPGI. They source the part from US Radiator (who had the price at $475+shipping). I ordered from OPGI and got the same 4 core radiator for $417 + 20 oversize charge. So $437. I just installed the rad. The car runs cooler as advertised. Drove it around and let it idle with the A/C on for 25 min. No problems. Installation was just as stock. The only thing I had issue with was the overflow neck ( by the cap) is oriented wrong. If you stand facing the engine the tube should point at 4 o'clock. The new one points at 2 O'clock. Fingers crossed for several years with out leaks. The old radiator was good for two trips a year to the radiator shop. All for different areas leaking. And would get hot with A/C on. Kept the old one just in case. Might hang it on the wall as a trophy for defeating an enemy. Bill

  7. I have a new sending unit I bought from E-bay. Upon installation. I realized the float had fallen off of my original sending unit. So my sender was fine. I never installed the new stainless unit. It has sat in the box for nearly two years. If memory serves. I gave around $85 plus shipping. If you want this one. I'll go $75 plus shipping. Pm me an address if you are interested. I'll get a cost to Ontario. Or my zip code is 64016. If you want to try to figure out shipping. Good luck, Bill

  8. Ed, I have battled a previously re-cored radiator since I have owned mine. I've taken it out and had it repaired by different radiator shops 4 times. At $50-$75 each time. I've spent half of what a new one would cost. I'm thinking about a new one from http://www.usradiator.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=1965+buick+riviera (as stated above). Btw mine is leaking again. I took the car to the World of Wheels show. So it's dripping on the floor of Bartle Hall right now. I did put Pig mat under it.

  9. Mine was a bear to get out!! There might be only a few screws across the front. But the brackets near the front edge under the pad must hold it in place as well. I wasn't real concerned with damaging the old one. Since it was a mess anyhow. It sure was stuck in place. A word of advice. I see you are in Texas. And the weather is warmer there. But be careful with a cold dash pad. I cracked a perfect dash pad in a '77 Chevy truck working in a cold shop. Old and cold aren't a good thing for vinyl and plastic. Bill

  10. Doug, I put the new seat cover in place to get an idea where the groove should be. Take the seat back off of the base to make the whole process easier. If you assemble everything (foam,frame and cover) before you hog ring anything down. You'll get a good idea on placement for foam and cover. As far as new foam to old foam comfort and seat height. The old foam wasn't comfortable at all and I sat too high. The new foam isn't comfy and I took the rubber spacers out of the seat tracks. And my head still touches the head liner. There is no way to make these seats as comfortable as newer car seats. The spring design sucks. Bill

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