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  1. Did you do any homework on this? The Reatta forum was started in 1999, the Riviera forum started in 2007. There are other forums out there, hopefully you'lll find one of them soon.

    Sorry. Not trying to hit a nerve here. I didn't know the ROA forum was newer. My thought is the older Rivs are alot cooler car. By the way can you let me in on other forums. I look at V8Buick.com some but mostly Skylark, GS (Skylark) content. Thanks, Bill

  2. I bought my veneer on E-bay. (as stated above for $35) It is walnut 1/42" thick. I glued foil on the back to make it less brittle. (The factory wood was backed with a foil.) I took care when removing the old stuff. Used it as a template. Cut the new veneer with a razor. Intalled it with 3M spray adhiesive. And finished it with satin urethane. No stain. I am really proud of how it turned out.

  3. I have '65 with a little rust in the driverside quarter. Are there any reproduction body panels available? I called one of the salvage parts house in the Riview mag. They wanted $500. I'll never pay that much.

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