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  1. I spent the afternoon replacing the section behind the wheel well on my 65's driverside 1/4 panel. It was pretty damn rusty. I cut a piece formed it welded it in. And the whole time I couldn't stop thinking. Why doesn't somebody make a patch panel? So many of these cars have rusted 1/4 panels. It seems like a sure thing money maker.
  2. I like it no matter what it's called. I plan on painting mine in April. Hope it looks as nice as yours.
  3. bb1970

    It's sad!!

    I'm probably in your region. I'm east of K.C. a few miles. I joined th RAO the week after I bought my '65 (last year). I've been eyeballing that cd for a while. I guess I'll pull the trigger. Bill
  4. bb1970

    It's sad!!

    Sorry. Not trying to hit a nerve here. I didn't know the ROA forum was newer. My thought is the older Rivs are alot cooler car. By the way can you let me in on other forums. I look at V8Buick.com some but mostly Skylark, GS (Skylark) content. Thanks, Bill
  5. Over 20,000 posts in the Reatta section in the AACA forum. Not even 2000 for Rivi's. :confused: Are there other forums out there??
  6. I thought that color was seafoam green metallic. I have a '65 that color.
  7. I bought my veneer on E-bay. (as stated above for $35) It is walnut 1/42" thick. I glued foil on the back to make it less brittle. (The factory wood was backed with a foil.) I took care when removing the old stuff. Used it as a template. Cut the new veneer with a razor. Intalled it with 3M spray adhiesive. And finished it with satin urethane. No stain. I am really proud of how it turned out.
  8. I bought $35 worth of veneer sheets. I have enough to do 15 cars. I did mine in one day. Looks fine. Sure beats $275 for a pre-cut kit.
  9. Got mine yesterday too. Man I wish they had a dash pad !!!!!
  10. I know it won't be a real big deal to make up a patch for this one. But a pre-formed panel would be so much easier.
  11. I have '65 with a little rust in the driverside quarter. Are there any reproduction body panels available? I called one of the salvage parts house in the Riview mag. They wanted $500. I'll never pay that much.
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