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  1. I gave 6k for a seafoam green '65 Riv last Aug. It had a fresh 401. And many receipts to prove the work. 94,000 miles. Rusty quarters on both sides. Interior is ok. Mine is low optioned as your car is. But mine has a/c that works. I'd say the value of yours would be a little more due to low mileage. I'd pay between 7k-8k. Only if it is mechanically sound and drives OK. Here is a before and after photo.
  2. bb1970

    AC work

    Hey Joey, Keep an eye on Craigslist for freon. I bought some R-12 last summer for $15 a can (1lb. can). I bought all the dude had. There are still guys that stock up back when. Just make sure all the cans are full. Bill
  3. This afternoon I bought a box of '65 Riv parts. It was a broken instrument cluster (with speedo, clock and idiot lights) and some heater vents and other bits and pieces. Gave $20 for all. All I wanted was the clock. I pulled it out cleaned and oiled it and hooked it to a drill battery to test it. It has kept good time for 4 hours now! I'm happy as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Everybody will fuss about this, but. I used Detroit Diesel engine paint. Is very close to the Buick green (I think it is anyhow). And it is available at your local auto-parts store. And it is inexpensive. You won't pay $50 for engine paint.
  5. I think it looks great. If you are happy with the price don't let a little rust bother you. I gave $6000 for my '65 ,it had rust in both quarters. But it was mechanically sound, interior was ok. I spent $1200 in materials and acouple of months doing body work and paint (with some help from some buddies). Know it is just what I wanted and I still have less in it than if you go find a "virgin". And I know exactly what was done to my car.
  6. I might be able to meet up Friday. I'll drive my Riv. Do you want the Montomery Wards bias ply tire on it? I'll just use a Buick rally as a spare.
  7. Ed, I have one steel wheel that is my spare. I'll swap you something for it. A clock that works, a 12 pack of beer, a bbq sandwich from Johnny's right there in Mission Ks. Or what ever you can think of. Let me know.
  8. I don't think the clamshells will fit in '64 fenders period. The opening at the front of the fender is bigger on a '65.
  9. Try this "Peel and Seal" is the name. $17.00 for 6"x25' at Lowes. It's a roof repair product. A cheap alternative to Dynamat.
  10. My '65 has been converted to 134. I put 2 cans in a month ago. It blows at 46-50 degrees. How cold should it be coming out of the vents? It does blow alot colder on the pass. side than the driver side.
  11. Check out the devils dollhouse Riv from House O Speed. Talk about personalized inserts.
  12. Hey jonly what's your plan with it? Stock or custom. These cars look great either way.
  13. The knockoffs are just some spin on center caps I had. I ordered the buick stickers off of E-bay. Still waiting on the lowering springs. I ordered thwm 2 weeks ago. The tires are 1" white walls. And Ed I the Riv meet will be a blast. I won't know if I can go until after March 1 next year. Seniority rules at the job.
  14. I am trying to come up with someting a little different. What do you think of the stock rims without black centers and knockoffs.?
  15. I didn't put mine back on. Every time I have put them back on past vehicles after paint I chip paint off of the door edge. Especially on any angled body line (like the one just below the door handle). The trim always covers the chipped paint. But it always pisses me off that I chipped it.
  16. Nobody makes them yet. And hold on to your wallet if you find someone with good used 1/4's. I was quoted $500 for a driverside 1/4 by Rancho Riviera. I wound up patching mine up.
  17. I know you all have photos of your cars. Done or not. Show them off. Here is my '65.
  18. Here's a shot with some sun on it.
  19. The code is AVF. It is some expensive stuff. I priced it at the paint store. $158 a quart for Dupont Chromabase. Luckily the guy that shot it could mix it at work. With no mark up it didn't sting quite as much. Man Ed you aren't that far from me. Do you ever make it to any car shows or cruise nights around K.C., St Joe area?? I'm east of K.C. 30 miles. I'd love to meet at one and bullshit awhile. All my crowd are Chevy drivin' goons. I'm sick of Camaros and Chevelles. I still love early Impalas though.
  20. I hope they can rebuild it. The motor would work then stop for a while. I'd give it a little tap and it would work again. The color is Prowler Orange from a 2001 Plymouth Prowler.
  21. Thanks Ed, You should see it in the sun. The headlight motor crapped out just before I put everything back together. I am going to take it to Summit Auto Electric and see if they can do anything with it. I hope I can get it back on with the bumper on the car.
  22. Just got my '65 back together after paint. What do you think? Next 2" drop and wheels.
  23. I finally have my '65 ready for paint. Now I can't pick a color. The car is Seafoam Green Metallic. I'm not in love with it. My wife hates it. We both like this Riv in Prowler Orange. What would you choose? Keep in mind I have Buick rallies for now. And No air bagged suspension. This is the color in ?. From a 2001 plymouth prowler. This is original Seafoam w/tan interior. Car look presentable. But was rough around the edges. Failing paint, rust in the usual areas. After paint I plan on a set of 15" Supreme rims. And a drop 2" on Jamco springs. Let the opinions fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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