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    Air cleaner?

    I'll bet they were stacked on top of each other during manufacturing (before being applied to the lid). The ink from the one below it left a shadow on the one above.
  2. That wood looks good to me!! I would becareful messing with it at all.
  3. $125 WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing it's already painted Buick green.
  4. Before I replaced the wood in mine I tried to rub it down with some oil I bought to preserve wood. I don't recall the name but they sell it in every antique store around here. But it looked bad after I wiped it on. There was a finish on the wood in the car. Where the finish was didn't take any product and looked light. Where the finish was cracked or worn off did take the product and looked dark. My wood trim was in bad shape. So I really wasn't upset. I knew I was going to replace it anyhow. Be careful oils might not pentrate the clear finish and may make a uneven color pattern on the wood.
  5. Welcome Mark. What do you mean by makeshift fuel injection? If you injected the nailhead you just jumped to superstar status. That is exactly what I want to do next. Well after interior and new wheels and tires. But it's on the list!! Bill
  6. I just had a similar issue. A knocking noise in the rear of my '65 under acceleration. I just had some exhaust work done. The tail pipe on the driverside was the problem. I found it odd that it would hit in the rear. But it did. After checking a bunch of different things. It was just a clearence issue.
  7. I rattle canned under my hood. Looks tons better. I dressed it up with finned valve covers and a finned air cleaner. Mask off what you can. I wouldn't go nuts tearing all of it down. Tape and paper can cover alot. Or use a peice of cardboard to shield areas not to be painted.
  8. Yeah if I had to choose. It would either be the blue '68 Chevelle on the right. Or the green '67 Cougar on the far left behind the Pontiac.
  9. I looked into getting mine re-chromed near K.C. MO.. No dice. One shop said the closest place (to me) is in Texas. I didn't even ask where.
  10. My guess is '74 also. The newest car I see is a 1974 Cutlass.
  11. I just had some exhaust work done on my '65. I have two 22" glass packs under the floor pan. With turn downs at the rear bumper. My car is lowered. And this setup works well. Another option is a "crossflow" muffler (like magnaflo or flomaster). These are made for Camaros but I think they will work in the stock muffler location on a Riv.
  12. I had a guy at an exhaust shop want to lift my car on the pinch weld in the rear. It may have been fine but I couldn't bear the thought of it. I went to a shop with a drive on 4 post lift. And got a better deal to boot! Bill
  13. I like those Lexus seats. I wonder what model they are from? Thanks for the link Ed. Bill
  14. That's cool Ed. I really would like to see some newer seats in a Riviera. My seats are broken down and uncomfortable. But my head is about 1/2" from the headliner now. If I put new foam on the stock frame with new covers I know I'll be hitting the headliner.
  15. Ed, I'd like to see some photos. Thanks, Bill
  16. I used the old shocks on the rear. They are a coil over shock and hold the ass end up a little. That is why it has a little rake look (atleast it does to me). The front are stock length for a '59 Impala. No parts stores in my area stocked Riv shocks. But Oreilly's had some for an Impala. So I had to put the bottom mount from my Riv shock in the Impala shock. They ride fine. I trimmed the old bump stops. I really don't know if was needed. But while they were off I knocked a little off.
  17. I goofed up my own hometown! It's Buckner.
  18. Be warned if you buy from Jamco. When I ordered my springs they said I would have them in a week and a half. It took over 6 weeks for them to arrive.
  19. I bought them from Jamco. Check out Jamco.com for info.
  20. They claim the springs to be 30 percent stiffer. It is a little stiffer ride. But ALOT better than I expected. And I don't bottom out as much as I thought. Just over RR tracks or rough parking lot entrances. Going to the exhaust shop today to cure part of that problem.
  21. I know alot of you guys like them bone stock. But let me know what you think. This was the starting point. Rusty 1/4's and standing tall.
  22. That's what I was talking about was the "rust stuff".
  23. Prep is everything. I have used regular POR-15. That is the only stuff I've seen that will stick to nearly anything. And last.
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