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  1. No I'm not, but will be soon! Cant wait to see what kind of info West's column generates. I haven't come up with anything new lately. Snowing today and 50 degree weather expected wed. They had to cancel the Model T Snowmobile meet in Fairhaven VT this weekend because they expect the snow to be gone by this weekend.
  2. Tick - Tock Tick - Tock tick - tock tick- tock Just watching the paint dry.
  3. Hey, Can you tell me what the patent number is on a Ford Model T Transmission Band and lining? I've been trying to figure it out for weeks. I cant figure out if it is part of the transmission patent or what.
  4. Wow, 5029 views so far. Amazing! Its been a lot of fun. Does anyone have any suggestions for further clues? Possible private automobile literature collections in the Saginaw area which might have some factory manuals ? Wonder if the NY City Library might have anything. I'll check there.
  5. I've been checking constantly for some news. This thread was burning up for so long. When I saw Locomans reply I got excited. HA HA, looking forward to see the pics locoman! If you don't mind could you ask if he can get a shot of the horizontal brake rod mechinism. The part with the funny curved piece on top. I noticed in one of the factory shots the curved piece wasn't incorporated with the part of the rod yet. I think it might have been a later modification. Thanks Rick
  6. Absolutely no luck finding any shop manuals etc on the Rainier. I'm extremly curious to see if the chasis is definitely a Rainier or a later modification of said (Marquett Pinninsular). meanwhile I feel like I'm sitting watching the paint dry until Locoman gets those pics, Ha Ha. So close but so far away. I just finished reading Flag of our Fathers and the author John Brady lives in Rye NY. Which is where my 1925 REO Fire truck came from. I'm hoping to get down there soon to check the Rye historical library. I beleive that the fire truck was deployed to Amelia Earhart's house around 31 for a s
  7. Lou warned me to get the chassis before the snow came. Needless to say the snow came! I'm still waiting for the Bobcat to get in and pull out the chassis. I did go over and take pictures of the body (depressing) before the second snowfall. Body is a fordoor Model A. Sadly, I lost the pictures when I tried to down load them from the camera. Still waiting on response from farm owner if he knows where motor or body might be. Still trying to find more info on Rainier with little luck. Cant wait to see pics from Locoman.
  8. Does anyone have any experience looking up patents? Have any suggestions as to what to look for? I haven't been having any luck looking up documented items on the Rainier. I'm sure that something had to be patented on the cars. I just don't seem to be getting anywhere. Does anyone know of any major collections of old car material in Mi or NY that might provide some more clues? I'm still trying to narrow the age and exact model down since there are several different parts that I just cant nail down. Hope to get those pictures wed or thur. Off to take a train to Ruttland Vt tonight. Wont bring
  9. I have a Whites metal detector, Thanks for that idea West! I hadn't even thought a thing about it. the Marquette Model 28 1912 made in Saginaw MI in 1912 had a 119 in Wheel base also. The above mentioned book states that William Durant started GM in 1908. He started the Marquette Motor Company in Saginaw in 1909 and continued to use the Rainier name until 1911. The Marquette name did appear in 1909 and 1910 hyphenated as Marquette-Buick. The Marquette-Buick name was required to meet prevailing race regulations (what ever that means) when Durant decide to take Buick racing. The Marquette Prod
  10. My friend cheched the frame over for any sn#s, but couldn't find anything. He did find the number 152 on the left front pass side wheel. and the number 167S on the right driver side wheel.
  11. The old farm was a lot bigger years ago. They sold a bunch of it lots off for homes and buisnesses. I've been trying to catch up with the man who gave me the chasis to see if I could bring Lou up but wasn't having much luck. So on my way Christmas shopping yesterday I took a slite detour and stopped by. Luckly he was there and I started pumping him for some more information. At first he didn't know of anything around. I started walking around a bit and discovered this well covered pile of metal. I started picking up peices under the leaves and started finding an old body. I had already known
  12. UPDATE TO WHEEL BASE. Wheelbase is not 120 inches as originally thought !! I noticed the front axle is 3/4 inch out of square. I now beleive the true wheel base is 119 inches !! I just discovered a car body in rough condition about 150 yards from the original chasis. I thought it was from another car, but it may belong to this one. I have to return and study it further as all parts were on the ground. May be too good to be true. Owner did not even know that it was there. He is going to check with the son of the original owner to see if the motor and transmission may have been used somewhere e
  13. I agree Gregg, must have been one of those late night reviews. Definitely the same frame contour. Now the horizontal control lever found in picture #100- 1607 that Carlisle1926 and I were talking about seems to be slightly different. The portion inside of the frame with the funny shape does not yet seem to have been attached to it or was not being used at that time. (The peice that covers the the control arms. One of the two. I have to look at that closer when I can to see how its attached.Not sure if it is applied to or if shaft went through the piece. The article mentioned that the front fen
  14. I had no luck with finding chasis for Cleveland, meteor, Berg, or Bay State yet. The rounded rear frame appears to be unusual. Wonder if this may indicate a rounded back of a speedster?
  15. I really appreciate all the input everyone has given this thread. A lot of you have really made the hunt interesting. Ha Ha. I hope no one takes offense if their name wasn't included in the jingle. I just threw something together quickly for the fun of it. I've enjoyed reading everyones input. West, although the chasis pics from Rainier and Garford dont match exactly, they could have been for one of the other cars Garford produced for. I'm going to go through and look up the other cars mentioned in the first paragraph of page 9 of the 1984 article. When Garford started producing Sudebakers exc
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