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  1. In Nova Scotia historic plates are not acceptible for registering so you get a new "Antique Vehicle" Plate. But you are allowed to also display a vintage plate. So I made a couple of stainless steel clips to hook the new one over the trunk, and remove it when displaying the car. I am permitted to display a vintage plate only on front. Regulation changes are in the works to allow only vintage plates, expect them to be approved by about 2050!
  2. 1912 Staver, I don't think facts would bear out the statement "the loss of buying power a slice of the old car hobby households has experienced over the last 40 years". Most economists suggest society as a whole is more affluent today than ever, even if any individual may not be. The reality is that there are so many other places to spend one's money, cruises, big screeens, internet, gizmos, gyms, bigger and bigger houses, better education, flying around the world, vacations in the mountains, RV's, you name it. Present short term (COVID) drop in economic circumstances aside, lots of money out
  3. The traditional influences of the market place like caveat emptor (buyer beware), supply and demand, market research, what's hot, what's not, investment versus keep forever, and on and on, work well in large segments, like real estate, jewellery, artwork, new cars and the like. But when it comes to anything used, other than caveat emptor, most influences don't apply in any discernable pattern. In niche markets, there are simply a small number of buyers and sellers. Some buyers know what they are looking for (have done their research), and what fair value is. 2 exceptions are the "motivated" bu
  4. Great advice folks, I was hoping I would not have to throw away good linings. Think I have a toaster oven somewhere seldom used, will soak them in some laquer thinner first, and when dry try the oven. Wife and I split about 8 yrs ago after 40 years, so I might even try the kitchen range, sort of revenge!
  5. This has no doubt been asked and answered many times. When I disassembled the 12" dia brakes for my '31 Chrysler CD8, most of the shoes have relatively new linings (factory original thickness, replaced perhaps 60 yrs ago) but 1/2 of them have been contaminated by fliuds of one sort or another, brake fluid or rear-end oil after sitting for perhaps 50 years unused. I have a NOS set of molded Raybestos linings specifically for these shoes and brass/copper rivets, but linings are not drilled for rivets. (1) Is there any method that works reasonably good to dip the contaminated shoes in a solvent
  6. The Orange Blossom Special was a deluxe passenger train on the Seaboard Air Line Railroad and connecting railroads between New York City and Miami in the United States. It ran during the winter season only. WoooWOoo
  7. As a retired Architect, I should have the sense to say nothing. But I've been holed up a while, so here goes. As with everything "designed" rather than just "built", form should follow function, and that adage can apply to something as seemingly simple as a garage. If you know for example 50% of the space only needs 8' ceiling height, why go to 11 or 14, all that volume of air needs heat/air etc. First tip: keep structure as low as possible in a residential neighborhood. Secondly, if you plan to work in there, skylights are the perfect way to get superb lighting, better than any LED's. Plan th
  8. I see a red 1928 Hibbard and Darrin 4 dr Packard Phaeton on internet with wide front suicide doors, small rear doors and with bullet style headlights. Rare combination, must have been designed for a tall customer.
  9. A little change of pace, have a book simply titled "Porsche" written by Herbert A. Quint, published in 1951 before his namesake cars were very well known. Book is written in German, so I'm limited to being able to show some early photos, perhaps someone can choose to translate the captions. The first is a line-up of VW-30 series Volkswagens dated January 1936, (for those curious, the original design drawings are in book, dated 1931 and 1932). Second photo is a field full of Porsche 356's dated 1950, so pretty early in their run. Finally a nice Porsche 356 touring in 1950 through the mountains,
  10. I have a spare 1930 Dodge DC8 transmission, not same but likely bolts up, would need lengthening of drive shaft (not a huge deal).
  11. I have this one if your interested, has had some "dents" tapped out at some point, but should do the job. $40+ shipping, send me a PM if interested.
  12. Looks more like a Brisco based on cowl shape.
  13. Man, does he have a stable of interesting cars in the background. Hope he does a few more, maybe even show a few engine shots.
  14. Since there is a Navy Yard topper, most likely a plate indicating someone important, or for a particular reserved parking spot, or maybe a motor pool number. Rare car, so I'm leaning toward someone important!
  15. "Guilty Pleasure" I always think of as something you are not supposed to do or have, but a little taste won't hurt! Like having a shot of nice single malt whiskey from a $500 bottle, oooh so good, but too pricey to be able to enjoy more than one or two at a time. I still vividly remember getting the chance to jump behind the wheel of a new friend's brand new Austin Healy 3000 (a gift from his grandmother) in fall of 1964 during university days and running it through the gears on a twisty rural road. I was driving a 1960 Consul at the time, like comparing a pair of alligator shoes to the box th
  16. A topic like this can go places we might never understand or appreciate, I think bob Dylan captured the idea of change best back in 1964, a hymn to all of us who think we got it all figured out. One of the best set of lyrics ever written IMHO. Come gather 'round, people, Wherever you roam And admit that the waters, Around you have grown And accept it that soon, You'll be drenched to the bone If your time to you is worth savin' And you better start swimmin', Or you'll sink like a stone For the times they are a-changin' Come writers and critics, Who prophesize with your pen A
  17. Here's the Garage shot, a garage he built in tight quarters just to hold this old girl. He has a separate garage where he is currently working on a '36 Packard and a 1917 or so REO truck.
  18. here are some more recent photos of my friends 1927 Pontiac Landauu Coupe, a sweet little ride, all finished now, garage shot taken today.
  19. I helped a friend put one of these back together 6/7 years ago, a project his Dad had begun 50 years ago and never finished. This is a '27 Landau Coupe, and he has painted it same colors as yours. In his case, his Dad had finished the drivetrain and chassis and passed away 10 years ago. 50% of the wood framing was missing and we had nothing much to go by, but using the sheet metal as a guide and lots of period illustrations and photos, managed to make everything needed. It is now a great little better than "driver quality"beauty.
  20. Are you folks aware of the "Isolation Island Concour's d'elegance" being run by Hemmings now? A virtual competition for model vehicles in diecast or resin, many different categories, check it out. different event every 2 weeks until the cloud breaks. And BTW, great looking aircraft.
  21. Randal Pittman is still vey much alive. I hope he does not get to read these very uncharitable sarcastic comments. C'mon guys, grow up!
  22. Tough group, and some nice ones, I got 3 including one you didn't!! # 6 is a 1959 Mercury, not a 1956. My older brother and my dad had '55 and '56 Mercurys back in the day and the taillights shapes are indellibly etched in my memory. Dad also had a '59, one year only style tailight. Thanks for keeping us sharp!
  23. Probably easier to date photo by gauging your Dad's age in the picture, looks about 18 to me suggesting this is circa 1930, in a 1920 Ford T, and your "Dad out for his first drive", or at least that should be your caption.
  24. I know it is blasphemy to many on this particular thread, but I've never been able to understand the styling decision regarding the Pierce Arrow "molded into fender" headlights. While I do realize the P-A's were great cars, (and love the Silver Arrow) this one little wrinkle has always turned me away from them stylistically. I don't know of any other company who adopted this seemingly odd practice, always reminds me of the much later Bugeye Sprites, which were loved or hated often because of those headlights. No offence guys, I'm assuming someone over the years has written a piece on this uniq
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