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  1. I am in the beginning stages of restoring a 1931 Chrysler CD8 Roadster, which came to me as an incomplete car, missing drivetrain and some other parts like bumpers wheels & hardware. As expected, literature of any sort for this model is very hard to find. I have purchased the "Chrysler Master Parts List for all models prior to 1934", which is a big help. However it does not have any illustrations related to the '31 CD8, things such as a frame diagram, body elements, wheels, etc. I also printed off the "June 1931 Chrysler Imperial Instruction Book (Code CG)" which provides about 100 pages of excellent maintenance advice for '31 Chrysler Imperials, notwithstanding the CG's engine, chassis and many mechanical components are different than the CD8's. I also received from the Chrysler Historical Collection a copy of the 1931 Chrysler Eight sales brochure, 12 pages of good information on the models and features of the CD8 series. What I am looking for is literature more specifically related to the CD8 cars in particular, or to '31 Chryslers in general, and ideally anything specific to a CD8 Roadster. An owners manual, a service manual, a repair manual, a '31 & earlier Master Parts List, any illustrations of the primary (chassis, body, etc) or secondary (gauges, hardware, fittings) parts would help. Ideal would be any factory drawings of car components. I have been told these things are not widely, if at all available, but perhaps some of you know of someone who may have such scarce items. Thanks in advance for your input, advice or help.
  2. I cannot help with the tire support, but I have a Rumble Seat Rear Fender Step for a '27/28 Chrysler Model 52, part # 88123-1, not sure if this is your model, I listed it in parts for sale section on Dec 3rd. Let me know if you want it.
  3. Gunsmoke

    1936 Desoto Deluxe

    I looked at a '37 Pontiac Big 6 Coupe recently, been in a barn for 50 years, but with motor running, and in about condition of this DeSoto. Part of an estate, they were asking $5,000 Canadian (about $4,000 US funds) with no takers. I offered $2,000 but no deal. As I explainerd to them, someone who wants the car for restoration purposes is going to sink $15K-$20K minimum into a car that will likely never sell for more than $20K restored. So even if they get the " project car" for nothing, it is difficult to get one's money back. The unfortunate alternative is someone buying it for rodding purposes, removing the body, and selling off the spare parts. So my advice, if you want to see the car restored, find a dedicated MOPAR guy who restores these scarce cars and settle on a fair price, perhaps $3,000. If you don't care, then list it on eBay with a modest reserve ($3K-$4K) and see what happens. Don't expect many offers above $5K.
  4. I am helping a friend restore a 1927 Pontiac Coupe and it has top mounted slider type door stops, secured to roof rail above the door. These bodies were made by the Fisher Body company and might be same or very similar hardware to that used on Chryslers.
  5. Do you still have this, and do you know if it suits a '31 Chrysler CD8 Roadster. The entire floor is missing from my recent barnfind CD8 Roadster which I am trying to restore.
  6. I'm restoring a '31 CD8 Roadster, this engine gives me some ideas as I try to find a suitable/useable drivetrain for my project. looking for a straight 8n but may have to eventually settle for a good souped up 6. Not loking to spend a fortune. If any one has a good CD8 or DG8 engine, let me know please
  7. A nice rare license to spend money. Great to hear seller wants it saved, best way to insure that is to have hime give it to a serious MOPAR guy for a nominal fee (like $100) as it will cost at least $30K+ to restore it. While there are lots of potential good parts on it, not sure what demand is like.
  8. thanks for that K31. The dist buddy had on eBay was Delco-Remy, had model #660G, serial #10570. I'm going to have to do some more checking. I may google Delco remy Dist's and see what shows up as a chart. I've done the google search, one of the internet suppliers of small Delco-Remy parts lists the Delco-Remy 660G,and 660U distributors as being for Chrysler 8's 1930-1936. First Straight 8 Chryslers I think were 1931 Models built in second half of 1930, as model CD8's. So the eBay listing was likely from a CD8 motor. The Dodge DG8 was listed in this guys index, but did not show a Dist model#, perhaps #4092 is correct for Dodge DG8. Just what the subtle differences may be, well we need an expert! I understand the Chrysler unit had dual points.
  9. Have been looking for a good distributor for a '31 Dodge DG8 engine I picked up to use in my '31 Chrysler CD8 Roadster project. I understand the '31 DG8 and '31 CD8 blocks were the same except for stamping ID. Does a Distributor for any other engines fit this block properly, such as from a '30 Dodge DC8, or later model straight 8 Dodge, Chrysler, DeSoto etc. Saw one for sale on eBay recently asking $150, it did not sell may try to buy it if it relists, it was from a DG8. I have a later Hollands interchange book (dated 1948) but it does not cover this item. Thanks.
  10. I think it was probably the braces, women can't resist them. Or was she on her way to the Eye Doctor?
  11. I agree, a real ugly duckling only a mother could love. American manufacturers were notorious over the years for carefully designing a car model, taking into consideration its proportions from all angles, using clay or other medium, and once into production using 60% of the same sheet metal on a completely different model, which from a styling point fell flat on its nose! This is just one. The country was strewn with poorly styled station wagons, achieved by chopping the roof at door post and adding a longer roof with a poorly designed rear deck, and many coupes like this one which started as 4 door exercises. I think today with computer aided design, they can take a lot more care in ensuring all models that share the same sheetmetal have at least some level of tasteful design. But there is a buyer/lover for all beauties, and some like the quirky ones!
  12. What a great project for bringing back to life as a survivor. Are these real rare? I haven't ever seen one.
  13. Here are some photos of the candidate '31 Dodge DG8 engine I picked up from one of our members a couple weeks ago to use in my CD8 Roadster. It needs 3"OS pistons (going to be hard to find at affordable price), a head and exhaust manifold, both of which I have lined up. It appears block has been re-bored to about 40-60thou oversize, so will need fine tuning to get all cylinders uniform. Anyone got OS pistons?
  14. On several old car forums I am on, a common problem is members posting threads with nothing in the title to give any hint to what the substance is. I have seen "help please", "what do I do now", "can you help me", and these titles make searching for future help difficult. I encourage all posters to be specific in what the thread is looking for advice on, such as " '29 Dodge Steering Wheel". This will also ensure you are more likely to get a response.
  15. Hi Rich, went out and measured the rear for my '31 CD8 Roadster chassis. Measures about 41.5" clear, and based on where the filler neck etc comes through rear cross member, I figure these tanks would have been about 40" long, with outlets about 33" apart. Appears your outlets on the 36" long tank are about 29" apart (by my estimation). So likely yours is for a pre '31 Chrysler, or perhaps a different series. Thanks for your interest, guess I'll keep looking.
  16. Can you get a price please shipped to Waverley, Nova Scotia, Canada, postal code B2R 1B5. Thanks
  17. I've heard in my Vintage Chev site that many restorers use this method (as set out by 49Plymouth). A recent post indicated one of the members made a suitable container and soaked the entire wheel in the mixture for couple of days to ensure wood was fully saturated. If I recall, his plan was then to leave them natural, a great look on these old cars. If they start to show signs of dryiong ot after 5-10 years, simply dip them again. Wagon wheels makers 100 years ago followed similar types of process and their spokes and felloes would last 50 years. On the contrary, if sealed (with paint or varnish) and exposed to moisture, the trapped moisture can cause spokes to rot in 10 years or so.
  18. I may be interested in the gas tank if not too expensive to ship to a location I could pick up (perhaps Bangor Maine. Where are you located? Would it fit a '31 CD8 Roadster?
  19. I spoke to Egge and they can make a set of 60 thou oversize aluminum pistons for the engine, and complete with rings and wrist pins, cost is circa $US1500. With Canadian exchange rate currently at about 20% and 15% for local taxes, I figure cost would run to about $2200 incl shipping, or about Can$275 per piston. Any better offers out there!! For restoration of an ordinary car this would be a walk away price, but a CD8Roadster is hard to pass up doing it right.
  20. Thanks for that lead. Had an engine rebuilder by yesterday, figures circa $5,000-$7,000 to redo this one (inlcuding redoing crank and a line bore etc). Indicated oversized pistons and rings would cost about $1000-$1500. I am going to take a pause on this engine, am waiting for a second quote/opinion from another guy. Meanwhile, restoration of body & chassis continues.
  21. I have an original cast aluminum rumble seat rear fender step plate part #88123-1 which I understand is for '28 model 52. do you need one?
  22. I checked the Egge catalogue couple days ago, and they don't list what I am looking for, but do list almost all the other Chrysler/Dodge pistons from that period. I understand the 3" dia straight 8 cylinder mopar blocks were produced in small numbers, suspect Egge does not see a big demand for them. They make the 3.125 and 3.250 pistons. Anyway, I sent them an email about it yesterday, waiting to hear back. I may call them tomorrow and see what they have to offer or suggest.
  23. I purchased a '31 DG8 engine, missing it's pistons (has rods/caps etc). I looked at cylinders, very good order, smooth, no defects. However, they roughly measure 3.05"-3.06". I understand 3" bores were spec for these engines so what I have may have been rebored over-size. Can anyone advise on what I may have? What is normal expected clearance on these engines? Has anyone re-bored these blocks sucessfully to 3.125" bore to take the REPO pistons available from Egge for that bore? I plan to use engine in a '31 Chrysler CD8 Roadster, and those similar blocks had 3", 3.125" and 3.250" bores over the 1.5 years of production.