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  1. When I "cleaned out" my 1931 CD8 block and head I used a "dry cleaning" method. After removing all frost plugs and other openings in the head and block (head was off block as was oil pan), I used various tools to access, scrape, wire brush, poke and scour and vacuum(using a small home-made long nozzle) all interior coolant cavities I could get to, clearing them of rust scale and buildup of deposits of all sorts. Got about 2-3 cups of stuff much of which had been pretty solidly caked/adhered to surfaces, particularly in end areas such as around 7th&8th cylinders, material that I'm not sure would be removed through a "water&solvent flushing" operation. I then ran regular water thru until running clear. After re-fitting frost plugs, I put everything back together and filled engine with antifreeze 50/50 mix and when engine started, after a few minutes of running, antifreeze solution was barely changed in color. For anyone with the time and patience, I would suggest  a "dry cleaning" is worth the effort before using a solution for final flush. 

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  2. Depending on how far it is in the "woods", this and other such finds make for some interesting speculation on how it got there. Was it driven (on a hunting trip, young couple out for some fun) and somehow broke down (looks like a very complete car when parked). Or towed there to hide or just allow to disintegrate(most likely story)? or was something nefarious going on (stolen car perhaps)? Looks like it has been there over 60 years, so many possibilities. Another "sleeping beauty"!

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  3. "Democracy does not reflect the will of the citizenry, it reflects the will of the activist class, which is not representative of the general population". Puzzling message 30DP? A Democracy is a governance model in which every citizen gets a vote (as opposed to an autocracy where no one gets a vote). That's it. It is up to those voting citizens to select representatives who reflect their views (or at least some of their views). In any modern and progressive Democracy, the collective representatives govern or pass laws reflective of the needs or desires of the people, but not of just a vocal (activist) or silent group, but designed to promote fairness, equal treatment, accountability and transparency. No one gets everything they want or expect. Personally, I think the AACA Forum Moderators do an excellent job.

  4. An excellent and complete "Autoreel Light" came in a parts box with my unrestored 1931 Chevy I bought in 2008, was in superb condition, sold it on here for circa $150.

  5. What a great but intriguing photo. To start with, a speedster as a taxi? most likely without doors? Maybe it was just an advertising gimmick. Chassis is high off ground, suggests circa 1915-1924, the long rear trailing arms may be a clue and it appears to have a transverse rear spring (Model T) and likely same for front spring. But rad shell looks later, circa 1925-27 (somewhat similar to Chrysler), as do the headlights (mid 20's Chevrolet?) mid to late 20's. 4 spoke steering wheel very common details, may ring a bell. Sure looks like a fun ride for circa 1930.  

  6. Nice work, I know these 4 door tourers are not easy to piece together. I recently helped a friend put together his '28 Ford Model A tourer, from a disassembled puzzle he had bought. Getting door gaps and alignment close took us literally weeks, critically issue is getting steel subframe or chassis perfectly level for/aft, side to side and on firm jacks so nothing is moving (bolted down would be best). Amazing that a 1/16" shim in the wrong place can throw everything off. Please keep the photos coming.

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  7. A great project for someone, nice lines, make a great "survivor depression era home-made truck". Careful rust removal (so as not to warp sheet metal) should lead to excellent sheet metal for a patina style finish. Guaranteed to be the only one around your area! I would not hesitate to tackle this one if starting price was close to $1000 or so.

  8. 1937 Chevy panel.jpgI recognize this as Burt Fullmore's panel delivery, I think 1937 perhaps GMC, or Maple Leaf, a Canadian made GM truck. His family was in the grocery and feed business back then, said he recalled driving his chums to school in the back of one of these.

  9. While the term Phaeton originally back in the 1700's/1800's had a specific meaning for passenger style 4/5 seat wagons, and later for early teens windowless touring cars, manufacturers by the 30's used the term more loosely for many 4 door "folding top" cars, most of which had rollup windows. I was at a car show 4/5 years ago and a guy drove in with a stunning 4 door 1956 Red/Cream Mercury (or Monarch) hardtop, and sure enough, it had a Phaeton badge at rear window trim! As for Packard circa 1941, Convertible Sedan sounds OK, but Phaeton does sound more exotic!  

  10. A 1941 Packard convertible coupe would be a rare car today, I'm guessing! Here is photo of a similar 1941 era Packard Phaeton (4 door convertible) taken with my 1931 Chrysler CD8 Roadster in 1957. Sadly, this Packard was sold by the then owner in the 1960's, parked behind a barn and rusted to a slow death. Different front bumper may suggest actual year or model.

    1931 Chrysler&Packard.png

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  11. Some of my friends doubt me when I say I have been interested in old cars all my life. Perhaps started when I was 10 helping my mechanic Dad in our backyard garage in the mid 50's as he rebuilt somebody's car engine. In second year at School of Architecture (actually 4th year university) in fall 1967, we were given a 3 week project "Select anything you want as a project to conceptually design, should show your interest, and have a future possibility etc....". I found these 54 year old drawings recently stuffed in a tube.


    Having a strong interest in old cars and DYI/self service, I recall seeing 2 local service stations getting rundown and for sale, back to back sorta on parallel streets. I thought "why not buy both, and merge the lots, and create a "self service old car repair/restoration facility", where people like all of us could go, take our cars, rent a bay for a few weeks etc, and "heaven for us old car guys". A gas pump operation/corner store type thing would provide some cash flow to help make proposal viable, and would keep a knowledgeable mechanic on hand for consultations. So I proposed renovating both stations and adding 2 semi-circular sets of service/repair bays focused on a central courtyard, where cars could be displayed from time to time. These are some of the felt pen drawings used for my final presentation to the team of design professors. Many of the cars sketched were owned by friends (1934 Ford, Datsun 240Z (or 1600?), and AMATI was created as a business name, I wanted something  that would be read the same from either side of the sign tower and sound a bit exotic. Aww.. the enthusiasm of youth, I'm about 21 at the time. What was I driving then you ask? That's my Corvair engine powered grey '59 Karmann Ghia at the pumps on left on main floor plan.  


    Anyone interested in taking this project on!!







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  12. I agree, while the rad shell grill and headlights clearly say 1931 Chrysler CD8, many of the other body and brightwork details don't match my "survivor". The bumper differs from a CD8, the beltline seems narrower than CD8, even the number and location of door hinges is different. We are looking at a mashup, 1931 CD8 grill and headlights on a 1930 Chrysler 77 Sedan. That explains the cowl lights, visor, hinges, bumper etc.  

  13. Based on radiator grill details, appears to be a CD8 model (8 cyl), like this survivor I recently bought as a donor vehicle (for my Roadster rebuild)and subsequently have passed on to someone for a restomod. (don't know why 2 pics appear upside down perhaps COVID!). Note the 6 cyl model grill went all the way to upper part of shell, did not have the 2" ribbed sheet metal shown.


    '31 in Rob's Garage.jpg

    '31 in Rob's Garage 2.jpg

  14. This nice Service Truck/Car appeared in a local FB site. Glace Bay is a community in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia where I attended High School. Bay Motors was a long time GM business there up into the 70's, later renamed Highland Chevrolet. Looks sort of Packard like to me, even has a Rolls look, but any ideas?

    Tow Truck circa 1928.jpg

  15. Bought these Bronze sculptures several years ago, 2 of 3 I have (not selling my 1931 Chrysler Imperial). These were sold I gather thru Chrysler Parts and Service in 1988. Very heavy, weigh about 7-8 pounds each. Include I believe a 1914 Dodge titled Country Doctor and 1942 era Jeep titled Checkpoint. Bases measure about 8"x10". If anyone interested, I am asking $145USD locally for both or $75USD each. Shipping extra.  





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