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  1. Thanks...I am talking aboutbthe metal channel
  2. Thanks for the replies...yes I am talking about the metal channe.
  3. I am trying to replace the metal U channel that the door window glass fits into. I have a 1937 2 door sedan. I have tried all the usual sources....Bernbaum, Robert's, Pro Antiques, Restoration Specialties, E-bay and google. I actually bought a set for a 4 door, which are much shorter. Does anyone have another source or something else that has been used. The existing channel is so far gone that it can not be repaired. Thanks Charlie
  4. First let me appoligize for not replying to all your responses. The information and pictures that you provided were awesome. I belive the lenses to be around 8 1//4 inches. As I said I have about 6 or 8 varied size lenses that I have purchased in hopes they would fit or could be modified to fit. Keiser 31, I will contact them tomorrow. Thanks again to all that replied. Charlie Baker
  5. Ok, I am getting tired of buying lenses off auction sites, only to find they don't fit. Could someone tell me the Name, Number and size of the lenses that fit a 1937 Dodge D5.
  6. I recently picked up a 1937 D5 in great condition. Bought it from the son of the original owners. It has been parked in a garage since 1966 when his mother stopped driving it. I am in the process of redoing the brakes and fuel system. I know that there are several companies that supply parts for this year car. However I have used a local NAPA for years and usually get most of my parts from them. They are going out of their way to help me find parts that can cross over and be used. If there is enough of an interest I will keep a listing of the part numbers and their application. For example I got wheel cylinder kits for $7 with springs Vs. $15 plus from other companies.
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