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  1. OK, I'm getting close to having the refurbishment of my 1980 MGB just about completed (yeh, I know, famous last words....), and would appreciate some advice or help on two issues. First, the car drives and feels amazingly solid when running on a fairly smooth road, but when it hits bumps, particularly during a turn, I encounter some serious vibrations or shimmying in the front end. Any idea where to start looking in order to diagnose this issue? Second, even though I've installed a new exhaust system, I still notice a lot of exhaust smell in the cock pit of the car. Any idea what might be ca
  2. Does anyone know where the British Leyland cast logo plate was placed on the 1980 MGB's? A link to the Moss web site that shows a picture of the logo is included below. The Moss web site says.... "...We took original samples and matched both the color and the design to get accurate reproductions of the two most popular versions of these emblems. Both feature self-adhesive backing for easy installation on the original fender location. In 1972 the cast version was introduced and was typically seen on the left hand fender of LHD cars..." Any help would be appreciated. Thanks http://mossmotor
  3. I have five MGB wheels, and four nearly brand new Firestone FR380 P175/70R14 tires that I'd like to sell. The tires literally have less than 50 miles on them (the fifth tire, the spare, is older). I took them off of a 1980 MGB that I'm restoring and put new 15" wheels and tires on the car. Does anyone know of anyone who might be interested in purchasing these tires and wheels? Let me know MJH
  4. I am restoring a 1980 MGB, and you all have been very helpful with a few other issues I was dealing with. Over the weekend while looking at the car from the rear I noticed that it is several inches lower on the left side compared to the right side (as measured from the top of each tail light). A friend of mine thinks it's probably caused by worn out bushings that go into the control arm. Does that sound right? Does anyone have any other suggestions? Let me know, and thanks again for the help. H
  5. I am currently restoring a 1980 MGB, and the trunk lid is torqued (for lack of a better word). It appears that this happened becasue over time, someone must have repeatedly leaned on the unsupported side (the right side) of the lid, causing pressure on the side with the support (the left side). We will get it straightened out so it fits better, but I wondered if anyone has seen this before, and knows of anything that can be done to try to prevent it from reoccuring? Any help or advice would be appreciated. MJH
  6. Dave, I've got another question. I've been looking on-line. at pictures of several late model (1977 - 1980 models) to see if they have those chrome trim pieces around the tail lights. I just saw a close up picture of a 1977 MGB and it also had these chrome trim. When I look on-line at Moss Motors and The Roadster Factory, I can find the parts as you mention in the note above, but it indicates that these are for earlier model MGB's. Is there a possiblity that it's the same part? Thanks again for the help. Mike
  7. Thanks Dave@Moon. Does that mean that the tail light lenses used from the early 1970's through the 1980 models are all the same shape and size? In addition to the car that I am restoring, I saw another MGB that looked very similar, that also had those same chrome trim pieces around the tail lights. I've just bought new tail light lenses, and I think I'm going to buy the trim pieces and hope they will fit.
  8. I'm in the process of refurbishing a 1980 MGB, and could use some help. When I acquired the car, there was a piece chrome trim on each tail light/brake light lens, at the point where the lens attaches to the fender. These chrome pieces were broken, so I ordered new lenses (I couldn't find the actual chrome trim pieces in any catalogues). Unfortunately, when the new lenses arrived, they did not come with the Chrome Trim. Does anyone know where I can find replacements for these trim pieces? Thanks in advance for any help. MJH
  9. I'm in the process of restoring a 1980 MGB. When I bought the car, it had standard wheels, but I'm thinking of converting it to wire wheels. However, I'm having trouble determining what all I need in order to complete the conversion. Can anyone provide some guidance? Thanks MJH
  10. Bob, Thanks very much. I talked to TRF today. They seemed very helpful and I'll almost certainly source quite a bit of the parts I need from them. It's good to hear that several people have had good experience with them. I appreciate the input. MJH
  11. Dave, Thanks very much for the input. It's very helpful. I'll call TRF as soon as I get a minute..... MJH
  12. I am in the process of having a 1980 MGB restored and would appreciate some advice on suppliers of the necessary parts and other equipment. I've never taken on this type of project before, and I am entering some uncharted territory. I have compiled a long list of the necessary parts and I am about to order them. The parts are all available from Moss Motors and from Victoria British (and probably other companies/sites as well). Do these parts come from the same suppliers? Are there any fundamental differences between the parts from one company versus another? Also, I am interested in purc
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