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  1. I have been keeping silent about these gentlemen..I don't know them but certainly know of them from some rather crude and foolish things from another forum. update on Gas Monkey Garage scandal - Hot Rod Forum : Hotrodders Bulletin Board The Gas Monkey Scandal thread.. I guess you can judge for yourself.. What they were doing earlier does not seem very ethical..if truly described. I am not a poster in any of these threads..have the same exact name as here.. Some said they are not actors..but they sure did some crude poses..and spread them around to get some notoriety.. Some things were remove
  2. Great to see your enthusiasm Koby. My suggestion for any first car is keep it a simple car. Cadillacs are wonderful cars but loaded often with electrical things that may need attention. They require a learning curve and some money.. I started with basic Chevy 2 door post..and learned a lot..and sealed my enthusiasm with driving my prize ! Ken Also Docc a real nickname !
  3. Many younger people I meet driving my cars..are intrigued by both original or modified old cars. I have had and done many of both. My son and I are doing something that seems to get some younger folks into the hobby. Not many young people can afford a true classic or classic sports car..but maybe something "cool" they can learn on and still have a money for life and family. We have recently started buying some inexpensive "under the radar" cars.. doing some minor repairs and selling cars that seem to have drawn some younger people in. The current car is a 1976 Nova Concours.. We did the usual.
  4. Gentlemen Hudson Twin H Power.. Studebaker Sweepstakes V8, Thundebolt, Super Jet Thrust, Bearcat 259, Super Skybolt, Passmaster 259. R1 (to R4) Jet Thrust Supercharged, Chevrolet "Stovebolt " (not offical name..) as Rat Motor, Mouse Motor, TestaRossa..!
  5. Looks like Peugeot.. Some on ebay..D-M Hoover... But just saw them.
  6. Yep.. Was only 92* Saturday.. So took the Studebaker out.. So today..before Football.. Got the 120 OTS out..
  7. A blurry picture my Dad took of his prized possession..he told me how he loved this Packard..and should have never sold it. He wrote on the margin.. I came home from Hospital on the day this was taken...from what I was told. A good hard working married blue collar veteran..that had a Packard..and now a son.. Miss you Dad every day..
  8. Docc

    1913 picture..

    This was labeled Pikes Peak 1913..but there seems to be some discussion that it was not.. ak asked me to post it here
  9. Been staring at this for most of my life...36 years now...
  10. Guess nothing is ever a new idea.. ..a few years before Amphicar
  11. Evidently..Shopping for Coffins..Caskets..and Coca Cola..go well together
  12. I have a friend in Poland that has a Magosix..and thinks he has found this Mag sport. Here is a 1926 Magosix Sport I was not aware of some of the earlier Hungarian cars..
  13. 1927 Mag..Magomobile Sport. Hungarian Magyar Általános Gépgyár Rt (Hungarian General Machine Factory Ltd). As anabbrevation their cars were called MÁG It does resemble the earlier Hispano-Suiza racer like the 1913 HS Alphonso XIII..the fender being somewhat similar.
  14. 1938 Phantom Corsair.. n 1937 Bohman and Schwartz also undertook their most famous (and beautiful) creation, the building of a futuristic shark-like body designed by H.J. Heinz’ son, Rust Heinz, and placed on a custom-built 1936 Cord 810 chassis. Called the Phantom Corsair, it later appeared in the 1938 David O. Selznick movie “Young In Heart” as the mysterious Flying Wombat automobile. It was purchased in 1947 by car collector Richard Rush for $5,000. Rush sold it to Los Angeles radio and television personality Herb Shriner in 1951. Shriner had the car repainted and modified to allow better
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