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  1. Thanks for the information. Since I pulled the motor the suspension is easy access so i am planning to rework it. I plan to powder coat the control arms. I wanted to be sure parts were avaiable prior to taking it apart.
  2. Will a 1954 Skylark be happy with a standard 1954 buick suspension kit? The control arms look like they were modified and welded?
  3. Trim is 67 Paint code 11 The firewall still has the origional light blue color (don't much like it). I am thinking about painting it black instead of going back to origional color. I realize that effects the resale value but....it seems to me that all that all that chrome is asking for black. I checked out the Buick Highway and the car under discussion there appears to be the one I purchased. It was repainted twice. First was black and second was grey (current color). The current paint is VERY ROUGH and had to be repainted. I have pulled the motor for repaint, seals. water pump and oil pump rebuild. Tranny is getting minimal attention as it appears to be good except for intermittent draging when first starting. I am having all chrome replated including wheel wells. I am replacing all glass. Dayton is doing show quality restore on wheels. I am polishing all stainless. I hope I can remember how it all goes back together.
  4. The shop manual for the 1954 calls for 1/8 inch from front edge of door and fender. Also 1/8 inch between side of hood and fender. Easier said than done.
  5. My project car was purchased from the origional owner. He states that when he bought it from dealer it had chrome wheel wells (still has them). Has anyone ever heard of this? It was number 40 off the line.
  6. Once I pull fenders I will be able to remove inner fenders easly? Just a matter of unbolting? I was conserned that I would need to get into steering box/ Thanks for response MrEarl.
  7. I wish to repaint fender well on 1954 skylark. Engine is out. Is it as easy as unbolting from fender or is it involved with steering box? I had origionally posted in General by mistake,
  8. Double darn! My wheels arrived at Dayton 22nd. Looks like I could have saved about 600 bucks with Rally!!! Thanks for the thought. Maybe save some one else some bucks.
  9. I went ahead and sent 4 of them to Dayton for the show quality restoration. I also bought 4 new caps from Vintiques (exact repliclates of my orig Skylark) Thanks for thoughts. Terry
  10. THAT was a high dollar mess up. Supprised Your dad did not shoot you.
  11. Hi from Terry Lyons Quick65. Just got a 54 skylark project. Previous rebuilds fords and Lincoln.
  12. Thanks for info. I am having a strugle figuring out restore kelsey hays vs buy new stainless from coker $800 each. Has anybody use truespoke for restore? I am fixin the Skylark to be a driver and will not be a concourse winner.
  13. Would like to hear who you used to resore Kelsey Hayes wheels what you paid and your satisfaction with job. Thanks!
  14. Was the lock roll hose clamp still in use in 1954 or had GM switched to tower. I am working on a skylark. Thanks