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  1. Try classic 2 current fabrication,thay have most floor pans our old lincolns. I was very happy with there products and the service was great.I have a 41 custom with limo opt
  2. you will need to remove the rear gear ass to remove drive line and trans.
  3. Also on the frame next to the fuel filler neck.
  4. I have known Bob at auto and truck for over 35 years,he is the best you can find for elect problems.I have a 1941 lincoln custom with the limo option.I am using an optima battery and the 75 amp alt in a gen case from speed way auto.the alt has a built in regulator.i have the old regulator on the fire wall gutted and the wiring pass thrue so it looks like i have all of the original electics The problem with an optima battery with a generator is the optima will accept as much charge as is available.the gen with a reg will try to charge but cant keep up with what the battery will accept and kills it's self trying. The optima with an alt and built in regulaor works well. my custom has elect over hyd windows and i have installed an elect cooling fan in front of the radiator.I can do stop and go traffic at 95 deg with the head lights on and not run down the battery.
  5. 6v alt in a gen looking case works well and looks correct,they are a little pricey,i goy mine from speedway hot rod
  6. a single 2 barrel carb was stock.
  7. keith try your local brake shop,the boy's at reno brake had rebuild kits,master cylinder and wheel cylinders in stock.I rebuilt the wheel cylinder and replaced the master as it had one mounting ear broken off.
  8. when you pull out the old wire connect the new wire to the old one and pull the new wire in as the old wire is removed . use some silicone spray to help install new wire .
  9. try your local brake shop. I found 1/4" in 25' roll, made fuel line and all brake lines.
  10. yes the 41 zephyr and cont were all 125". the customs were 138" for ether limo or formal sedan.
  11. The windshield and rear window glass are removed and replaced from the inside of the car. The seal is installed on the glass and then installed as a unit. install with sealer and held in placed by the metal molding .
  12. I have a 41 Lincoln custom with the limo option and would like to know how much fuel the tank will hold.
  13. Ok so when You say brunn engine,what dose that mean. Are they not all Lincoln engines.
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