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  1. I'm looking for an owners manual for a 1930 Studebaker Commander FD. Please contact me if anyone has one for sale, or know where I might obtain one. Thanks
  2. Ken I will sent you an email. I would like to see your pictures.
  3. Thanks for all of the information, it is all helpful. I have more information and pictures that might help identification. This car has been in the family since the early 1980’s, and it is titled and has been registered as long as we have had it as a 1927. The fire wall tag, picture included, states a Fisher Body Corp. Job No 8320 and Body no 9747. I have also included a few more pictures of the radiator shell and top of hood, dash, which may be helpful. Where would the official VIN number be, is it the engine number? Thanks again for your help.
  4. D Yaros Thanks for the information. New to the Oldsmobile research, any thing will help.
  5. I just completed restoration on my 1930 Studebaker President FE, first picture. After the first of the year I plan to start restoring the 1927 Oldsmobile sport coupe, the other pictures. I'm looking for any information, data, books, specs that anyone can share for this car. It is in good shape and ran several years ago, but has been setting in storage for a while. Any information that one can share for the motor and power train would be really helpful before I start the process. I want to restore it back as it was when it rolled off the line as close as I can for 2015. Correct paint colors for the day will be needed. Interior style and color combinations will be needed as well. Also is there a parts source for this model. Thanks again for your help
  6. I still have a few odds and ends to complete the restoration of my 1930 President FE. I had it a my local car show this past weekend on Drive your Studebaker Day and won the prewar class. I have asked many questions over the past few years and found a lot of parts from you all. Thanks again for that help. This was my Dad's car and he wanted to restore it when he retired, but was unable to do so due to his health and then passing. He would be proud of it. Thanks again for the help, I will start another restoration project after the first of the year.
  7. I found on page 8 Vol. 1 November-December No. 4 of The Antique Studebaker Review a picture of The Spirit of Atalanta. Under the picture it states. "This silvered figure of Atalanta, princess of ancient Greek mythology adorned the radiator caps of the new 1927 Studebaker's. This emblem of speed and grace was commissioned by Studebaker from the studio of Lorado Taft, internationally known Chicago sculptor." I thought it was odd that this post was on here and I just picked up this old issue and found the picture. Unable to scan the picture and place in the forum. If you would like it you can pm me your email and I will send the picture to you.
  8. Once again I want to thank many of you for the help you have given me over the last several years. I’m getting down to the short rows on my restoration of my 1930 FE. Working on the interior which is the main job left to do. I’m in need of a few parts at this time to help complete the car. I have them listed below. Door window regulator handle. # 247558D two needed Spring seat support # 275571 one needed I don’t know the exact part name or number, but it is the small piece of metal at the end of the rain gutter on the back of the car that connects the gutter to the body. It dresses up the connection between the two pieces. I could make them but I prefer the original ones if available. Also would like to have the pull rope cords for the back seat. These are located at the back of the back door on the inside I guess used to help pull you up out of the back seat. Mine are in sad shape, would like to have better, or let me know if someone has reproduced these are repaired them. Also I would like to share a fix I had on my springs for the seats and seat backs. Most of the seat back springs were real rusted and some broke, but I think many would brake if used at some point. My brother came up with the idea to go to a mattress store and see what was available. Three different mattresses were purchased to obtain the right length and strength of compression. Two twin size mattress and one baby mattress was purchased all for less than $250.00. This way the springs were already covered individual for the seat backs and would stand the test of time being new. The baby mattress springs where used for the folding jump seats on the seat bottom. Just hog ringed them in place and looked great. Someone may have already thought of this but I want to pass it on, my upholstery man was impressed and happy. Time and money both saved. Thanks again for your help.
  9. I’m down to the top and upholstery on my 1930 President FE restoration. I have been looking around for Mohair and the 65 inch top material need for the car. Everyone is pointing me to LeBaron Bonney and I contacted them in the past and had even more questions than answers. With several colors to choice from, can anyone give me the correct Mohair color or code for LeBaron Bonney so that I will be ordering the correct color and style? I also appreciate knowing the correct top material part number, headliner and carpet part number or codes from LeBaron Bonney for the car. My original upholstery is in very bad shape and the color is so faded and rotten, it is hard to tell much about it. If you know about how much fabric it will take of each that will help to so that I will order enough to complete the job and all will match. Here is a picture taken yesterday of the car. Thanks for your help.
  10. What is the correct color and or color pattern for the dash for a 1930 President FE. Did it have a wood grain look. I have the pits covered and sanded and in primer, and ready to put it back like it was in 1930. Thanks for the help.
  11. I have made good slow progress on the 1930 President FE restoration. Need to paint the hood and front fenders and bolt them on and the main body will be bolted on to the frame. After that the interior is the next big project. I have talked to several suppliers including LaBaron Bonney and they don’t have much information or patterns or the wide top material for this car. My upholstery was in bad shape and not much to go on for patterns. Does anyone have any information, advice or know a upholstery shop that has done a 1930 President FE seven passenger so that I can find interior information and materials that will make the restoration process quicker, smother and more economical. I have not found anyone that has the extra wide top material, any leads would be helpful. Thanks.</SPAN></SPAN>
  12. Jpatino Thanks for your reply. I would be interested in the parts you have that might fit the 1929 Commander GJ. After you look at the tank or any other parts you may send them to my email address at ldamax@aol.com. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my parts needs.
  13. Thanks for all the help you Studebaker folks have sent my way. My 1930 President FE body was placed back on the frame and the restoration is moving faster. I get to drive my 1930 Dictator GL more now that spring is here, however, I just added a 1929 GJ Regal Brougham for five six cylinder to the Studebaker fleet today and need to find some obvious missing or beyond repair parts. The car runs, but the carburetor on it is not correct and has been adapted to it. I think it should have a Stromberg but please give me some advice. The emblem in between the head light is missing, please let me know if someone has this, should be the “six” emblem right. Need a steel wheel and hubcap. Someone has made the gas tank on it out of squared up metal and bolted it up, works but is not correct and I would need the electric gas gauge sending unit as well. The inside metal framing around the driver’s door window is missing and I would need those pieces. Finally, after the first walk around a couple of inside door handles would be needed. Thanks again for everyone that has helped me in the past with parts, technical information and advice. Sorry I don’t have part numbers on these items, still too new to the place.</SPAN>
  14. Thanks jpatino, I will check out wiperman.com web site. Also thanks for the information nvonada, if its does not that many small parts a may open one up and see it a good cleaning is all they need. Thanks again for the help.
  15. Looking for a place to have my vacuum windshield wiper motors for a 1930 President repaired/restored. If repair kits are available that would be great has well. I have not opened mine up so if someone has a parts brake down that would be a start as well. Thanks for the help.</SPAN>
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