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  1. I would have to say we also found traffic to be lighter then years past in the Red Field.I'm in no way throwing stones however one of the previous posts mentioned opening at 9 or 10.We travelled about an hour and half each day to try and reach the field by 7am.And each day we saw buyers being let to cross the main road into the fields prior to opening the gates.So each day we had to ride up and down the highway till the Gods with the badges and flashlights decieded it was time to let people enter the gates to get to their vendor spots.This is something I wish the powers that be would really revamp.I hate to compare Hershey to any other Car show in Pa. but while vending at Carlisle you can enter at anytime as long as your sticker is on the windshield.Again There is no Show like Hershey but as anyone who has ever had a review will say the one thing they always tell you is "There is always room for improvement"
  2. I have two very solid Car luggage trunks for sale.I have been cleaning my garage out and trying to find new homes for the items I no longer need,or have not used in years.I have two different luggage trunks.One is covered in black I would venture to say vinyl.The second has a curved back and no vinyl covering.Both very nice addition.I'm not sure which car make and model these fit.If interested I can send photos.I'm asking $150.00 each and they must be picked up at my home in south central Pa.
  3. I have some NOS Mopar Parts.I went through and found most where 1933 and up but did find a few marked 32.If your interested I could get a picture in a few days. one ring and pinion set marked in marker 1932-36 Ply.1934-35 Desoto 1 sealed box of 2 Piston Pins Part number on box is 671762 box is marked in pen 31-41 Ply. I also have a clutch disc box the part number is 921349 I thought this was for 32 but not sure.You should check this part number out.Thanks
  4. I'm packing things up for Hershey and some of the things we'll be bringing are new old stock Mopar ,ford and chevy parts.NO sheet metal.I also have some KRW Model A and AA service tools.advertising auto related cans.Ford flathead waterpumps,manifolds,engine mounts.some nice 1927 or 28 Pontiac headlights.Just to much to list so stop by and give alook! We'll be in spaces RSH 34-36 behind the old arena near Chocolate world.
  5. This Friday 6/11/10 we are having a yard sale and I have deceided to clean out my garage.I have some great items for sale.I have a really nice pair of Trippe Speed lights $400.00,1936 Cadillac 60 grille $550.00.I have about three large boxes of Mopar N.O.S parts mostly 1936 up to about 1950's,A nice pair of 1927/28 pontiac twilite headlights $150.00,Just too much to actually sit down and catalog.I also have some K.R Wilson original Model A service tools.I will be putting stuff out about 7 am on Friday Saturady will really depend on how much we sel friday if I have cleared enough space if we set up on saturday or not.If interested in coming by email me and I'll send you the address we are located approx 20 minutes for York,Pa.
  6. I have a really nice Cadillac grill for a model 60.I will beable to get pictures this weekend if anyone is interested.I'm asking $750.00 plus shipping.The chrome is in pretty nice shape with some thining in places looks to be brass underneath.I can also be reached at my email
  7. I have for sale several nos Chevrolet parts.I'm going through some parts and will selling more of the items I donot have a use for all parts are in the chevrolet GM boexs with some having torn flaps.all prices are plus shipping GM # Description Price 601231 2 U-bolts front spring 1938-54 $12.00 5316364 Shock Absorber Link 1941-48 $15.00 1997913 Stop Lamp Switch 1951-54 (I have 2) $12.00 each 399078 Pin Bushing 6cyl. 1949-50 $6.00 3690870 Transmission Mainshaft 1949-52 with 3 speed,Pass. $60.00
  8. I'd probally die of a heart attack from the shock of getting a $100,000!If I didn't I'd build a bigger garage and start packing that one full!
  9. Carbs are Located between York and Gettysburg,Pa. As mentioned in ad I have no idea as to all the makes and models there.
  10. Being new to the aaca I have no idea as to whom to contact for spaces in the fall.I was told a registartion form would be enclosed with the magazine in Jan.or Feb.but recieved nothing.I have an abundance of parts that I'm going to clean out and really wanted to let them go to fellow collectors and Restorers.If anyone can help.please ledt me know as to whom to contact or if person in charge of spaces would contact me that would be great would need three spaces.
  11. Heres the deal.I have about 100 carbs would guess most are 1940-50-60and 70's most are two barrels,about 25-30 are 4 barrels( I have one afb,and alot of GM Quadrajets),and some early Model T carbs about 10-12 (kingston,holley,NO 4 or 5 balls).I have acquired these over the years and really donot have ause for them so.My ambition to clean shop is your gain.I have no idea as to what all these fit so probally the best way to make sure you know what I have to offer is to make arrangments to come and personally check them out.I would reccomend all be rebuilt before use to ensure no problems.As I do work during the week Weekends would be the best time to come and check them out.My price per carb is $25.00 each.If someone wanted them all I would consider trade towards a project model T or rolling chasis in that price range.I can be reached via my email or during the day this week at (717)451-7386 up till about 1 pm.
  12. I have a real nice Chrysler Motors "Solar Spark ignition" Distributor That is for a 1933 plymouth may fit other years For Sale.It is model number 644H Serial number 159532.The shaft turns opening points.This will need a condensor none is present.The cap looks good with no cracks.The grease cups turns.Very Nice useable item.Price is $50.00 for pick up or and extra $10.00 for priorty shipping in USA.
  13. "AP" is a great show! I love how when the lead guy buys something he acts like he dosen't know if he made a good buy or not! And everyone seems to be home when they pull up!Still fun to see I'm not the only one with to much "Stuff" lying around!