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  1. I had some rubber aircraft/military hoses custom made by Aircraft Spruce some years ago for my 1940 LaSalle. They will also make braided steel versions of the hose. Pilot Supplies, Avionics, and Homebuilt Aircraft Parts from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. At the time (1987) a 5/6 inch line in rubber with AN fittings would cost you around $20/foot. More for braided steel. It's a lot for a hose, but considering what you're protecting, it's not that much.
  2. Many thanks for the great post, Mr Knapp. Love those cars! The late 50s Lincoln Axle bolt patterns match the 1940 LZ. And I was thinking of using 1958 Lincoln wheels. Pre and post-war Lincolns are killer street rods!
  3. Chassis engineering has what looks like a generic parallel leaf spring kit. I'm thinking of hooking up an S-10 truck trans in place of the stock trans. I think that'll take some engineering..... :-)
  4. I e-mailed Empire Motors; they have one in stock for $1450.00. Which is a good price, considering that used Edelbrocks or Edmunds can cost as much as $2000.00---if you can find 'em.
  5. I notice that Edge Machine is offering a slingshot type intake adapter which fits a standard 3 bolt ford manifold. It should fit Lincoln too The carbs are side-by-side so some sort of custom linkage kit would be necessary. Might be a good way to get dual carbs, until Edelbrock decides to re-release their old V12 manifold. If ever.
  6. Anybody change over the stock rear axle to open drive line with parallel leaf springs? I'm thinking of purchasing a 41 Lincoln Z.
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