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  1. thanks i know where a couple of cars are but have to buy the whole car for parts and they want fortune for them do u know what the cars are worth i am new to the oldsmobile when i bought it i had no idea they were so obsolete did they make many or just not none around thanks for the info mine has working factory air and everything works has airride tech system on it and was thinking about putting an ls1 out of vette but if its worth any money i may leave it original
  2. Need any help I can find I need some parts for a 62 olds f85 wagon don't know or can't find any place that sells parts if any one can help let me know I would appriciate it thanks
  3. i just purchased 62 olds f85 wagon having trouble finding parts any help would be appreciated ,need windshield rubber and all weatherstripping and some misc. parts thanks
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