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  1. i want to get a little engine work done and some electrical work. i live in clarksville tn fort campbell ky. any one know of a good respectable garage?
  2. thank you. and u mean get the factory manual for the carb? were would i get that?
  3. ALSO A TURBO THRUSH TRUE DUAL EXHAUST SYSTEM( let it breath alot better WOW
  4. so far i have done the following: oil change(more then once) radiator flush(at least six times plus a rebuild) thermostate water pump(old one went bad) k &n, wires, distributor,plugs, ignition valve cover gaskets new belts motor mounts (needed) power steering pump center rod (for steering) front end alignment new tires new bumper(shinier) wheel cylinders rebuilt new shoes wheel bearing oil seals full brake bleed now i just need to get rollin on the greasing and lubrication then that carb rebuild WILL I BE ABLE TO DO IT MYSELF?
  5. so its me again im new of course. so how do i become a member of this presitgious club, and becoming a member what will it allow me to do. I wanna be able to find shows or meets so i can gather ideas. Also i grew up in Detriot and im a huge fan of the Woodward Dream cruise. now im stationed at Fort Campbell KY now i cant find nothing like that to attend anywhere please help!
  6. so its a 67 buick electra 430-4 with a non clutch fan and no shrowd. is there any way i can get a shroud for this year or did they just come without. wats the best way to keep this big boys cool in town
  7. bigblueboat


    im gunna use 10w-40 royle purple good choice?
  8. so i got the 430-4 with 49,000 wat are the common things to get done to a motor to clean it up get it running smooth and clean?
  9. hey thanks guys your a great help everytime
  10. thanks i didnt know about not being enough adjustment. as far as springs wat would be a good smooth luxury feel wat would i look for when buying them
  11. were do i go or look to find out what my car came with fresh off the lot
  12. ita 67 buick electra conv 430-4 49,000 miles. i believe the suspension is still good but i wanna replace i think. i wannna stay original thats why when i did the wheel cylinders i did a rebuild kit instead of replace it with an off shore brand ya know. for originalty reasons and valua do i stick with old, replace, or kit a slight lowering kit. and what are the best shocks and springs for a car like that? any tips hints or suggestions to a newby about project cars? like what i should work on first and were should i focus the most.
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    i appreciate the detailed answers thank you