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  1. Corey: Are they still available and if so, how much? Also, where are you located since shipping could be expensive. Thanks, Fred
  2. I'm looking for a long rear view mirror arm to add to the passenger side of my '31 Ford Model AA Stakebed truck - it's part number AA-17698 as shown in the photo below and measures 14 - 11/16 inches long. AA's came from the factory with only the driver's side rear view mirror however I want to add one to the passenger side. I would take just the arm or one with the complete mirror head. If you have an original one on an old rusty parts truck please let me know. Thanks! Email: fredcarlton.tx at gmail.com or call Five 12 - 82 Five - 3369.
  3. Don't know if everyone saw the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale yesterday but a '23 Buick Model 23-55 sold for $57,200. Glad to see some interest being shown in the early 20's cars; seems like the interest in them has been waning over the past few years. According to their description, the car has 16,000 original miles and extensive ownership history. They say the leather upholstery is all original and the car has won the AACA Preservation Award, AACA First Prize and AACA Grand National. http://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1923-BUICK-SERIES-23-55-CONVERTIBLE-180940
  4. Welcome to the forum - good luck with your Buick!
  5. Congratulations scalptrader - patience pays off. It was listed a year and two days ago.
  6. I have a complete (both upper and lower halves) windshield frame for a 1915-1922 Model T Ford Roadster or Touring car. I have been using it for "wall art" in my barn for several years and since I don't own a Model T thought someone out there in T-land could use it. It is complete with the hinge hardware where the two halves meet and has some surface rust but can easily be cleaned up and painted. Snyders sells new repros for $255 each. It also has the original brass liner which Snyders sells reproductions for $267. Combined cost of a reproduction: $522.00. If you need it and are willing to gi
  7. http://forums.aaca.org/f165/1924-buick-4-cylinder-radiator-shell-367434.html
  8. Take a look at the photos in post number 1 above - I don't think they are the same for 1919-20 and 1921-22. The 1922's have the raised bead around the top edge. Post number 3 has all of the measurements. If yours look like the photos above, please PM me and we might have found them a new home! Thanks, Fred
  9. Richard: Welcome aboard - since Saturday we've had people join the group from Sweden, Brazil, Denmark, Norway, two from Germany and now you in the UK. I think Henry Ford should have had an advertisement with people holding hands on a hillside singing, "I'd like to buy the world a Model AA".
  10. Larry: Thanks for sharing this - I watched the youtube video about how they do it and I wonder since they work on Bugatti's and Porsche's requiring $400,000-$500,000 in custom body metal work if they would be interested in doing a lowly '22 Buick fender. Interesting video and I can't imagine how much that guy has invested in machinery and equipment shown behind him. I guess he can afford the equipment if he's getting a half a million dollars to build one body! Keep your fingers crossed for me - I've found a guy who will make me a reproduction fender but have also located the original fender
  11. For those of you who have a Facebook account and are interested in Model AA Ford Trucks, I just created a Facebook page for AA lovers. Go to your Facebook page and enter Model AA Ford Truck Lovers in the search field and it should open for you. You are welcome to join us even if you don't own a AA but just like 'em or think you might like to own one someday. Big Iron is cool. Here's a shortcut link to it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/231606387033390/ Fred
  12. Apparently someone contacted the seller to get a "BUY IT NOW" price to end the auction early and he relisted it at $31,000 at 3:21 pm (Pacific time) yesterday and it sold at 3:22 pm. Fred [TABLE=width: 100%] <tbody>[TR=class: tabHeadDesign] [TH=class: headerPadding, width: 25%]User ID[/TH] [TH=class: tabHeadDesignFont headerPadding, width: 25%, align: left]Bid Amount[/TH] [TH=class: tabHeadDesignFont headerPadding, width: 25%]Bid Time[/TH] [TH=class: newTabHeadBorder emptyCellPadding, align: left][/TH] [/TR] [TR=bgcolor: #ffffff] [TD=class: emptyCellPadding, width: 2][/TD] [TD=class: onh
  13. In November when the car was first mentioned on this forum I got the guy to send me more photos and confirmed it was actually a 1912 Buick. We talked on the phone several times and the car was just 18 miles from the town where I grew up and I was ready to go get it but even though we negotiated a reasonable price for it, I decided I didn't need any more major projects. Guess the Craigslist listing expired. Below is what I believe it to be, a 1912 Model 29 Buick. Fred
  14. Reminds me of the story of the guy who walked into Pep Boys and told the clerk at the counter, "I want some floor mats for my Yugo." Clerk says, "Okay, sounds like a fair trade." Fred
  15. If you know of anyone out there with a "parts engine" for a '22 Buick 6 cylinder, I need ONE Valve Push Rod Cover Stud. My helper got overly aggressive when we disassembled my engine and broke one. There are three of them on the passenger side of the engine which are hex shaped and they screw into the block and serve as "stand off" spacers for the valve push rod cover. They have a male threaded end (3/8") which screws into the block and the hex shaped part is about 1-1/16 inch long; they are open on the other end to receive a 5/8" long (5/16" diameter threaded part) bolt which is approximately
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