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  1. thank you for all the interest shown to the 25 studebaker and look forward to meeting many of you at chickasha. thanks for the inquires, doug hauge 315-796-0243
  2. thank you for all the interest in the 25 studebaker. i look forward to meeting many of you at chickasha. doug hauge 315-796-0243
  3. i love vintage camping. i am knee deep into model Ts and have 8 of them. i am a member of several clubs including the TTTT, better known as the tent topped touring Ts an chapter of MTFCA. anyway, we do a week long camping tour every summer. we tow our campers with our Ts and have a ball. i have a 1919 beloit just like the one that just sold on ebay. it was made and patent from warrner and he later merged with borg and they became borg warrner. some of the campers we have , and had on display in richmond ind at the 100th birthday party of the model T were zegelmyer, chenango, and many others. h
  4. i continue to drive this car and can't get over her wonderful quality and beautiful originality. this car is a piece of untouched history, and for sale starting at $15,000
  5. this car is offered at $15,000 OBO and is just a perfect car for the person with a pation for history. she is just marvolus. see you in chickasha
  6. i plan on hauling my 1925 very original studebaker to chickasha next week for the flea market in hopes to sell it there. this car is a great driver and very rare car in nice unmolested condition. i plan to sell it for around 15,000$$ i sure hope to find someone interested in this wonderful car. she is truley a nice prserved piece of history and deserves to be kept by somebody that will love her.
  7. i used to play in the snow with my 1920 model T snowmobile. but i out grew the cold and snow and now do winter in florida and the summer in upstate NY.
  8. i am offering for sale my 1925 studebaker. i will be bringing it to chickasha OK if anyone is interested. you can e mail me or call me for details. this car has never been restored inside or out. she is a good driver and runner. ph 315-796-0243 doug hauge
  9. i offer for sale my 1925 studebaker. this car is a well preserved piece of history. the car has no dents on it what so ever. she has never been restored inside or out. she is a wonderful driver and runner. i will be bringin the car to chickasha OK. for the pre war sale. if i don't sell it before the show. i will deliver the car to chickasha if anyone is interested. you can call me or e mail me for more info. 315-796-0243 doug hauge
  10. sorry i nick named her the "baker" but as you see by her picture she is a 1925 studebaker. i really need the speedometer cable and the window regulator mechinism inside the door,. any leeds????
  11. the sweet patato is the thing comming out of the bottom of the gas tank. it has a drain cock at the bottom. the out let on this that heads to the carb has a screen. open the drain cock and use a straight wire and be sure to go all the way into the gas tank. many time the hole leading into it gets debries and restricts the flow. so she will run until this empties and takes time to refill. let me know. i can talk you through on the phone if you want.
  12. any leeds on part metal parts for 1925 studebaker window regulator>???
  13. any help in finding a supplier, vendor for window regulator, speedometer caple, window crank handle and mohair trim, she is a 50 year stored barn fresh car and i really need help locating a few minor parts. please help. duckfarm@twcny.rr.com
  14. someone must know where we can find these window regulators. i need one for my 25 baker also, please help us find them, any leeds??? duckfarm@twcny.rr.com
  15. i am also in need for my 25 std 6 steasring light switch. i am missing somthing down through the colum but dont know what. also cant figure out how the switch on the colume turns with out the throttle lever movoing. any one that can explaine the operation of these 2 levers would be great help. duckfarm@twcny.rr.com
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