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  1. Phil, Thanks for the quick response! I'll make sure to get some pics posted soon. Has anyone scanned the "reference book"? The pics you posted of the dash look quite a bit different than our '40 dash. I'll get some pics up later tonight and hopefully someone can shed some light on the various buttons/switches. -Brian
  2. So my father picked up a 1940 Lincoln Zephyr Continental Convertible recently and I've got a few questions. Hopefully they're easy ones for you veterans. 1. What type of engine oil is everyone using? 2. Does anyone have a picture of the dash identifying all of the buttons/switches? We've identified the headlights and convertible top open/close, but that's it. 3. Is there an overdrive on this transmission? The car seems to be working fairly hard at ~50 mph. 4. Is eBay the only place for an owners manual? This route seems fairly expensive. A reproduction would be fine. Thanks in advance
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