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  1. LMAO.......exorcism! It feels that way for sure. I am going for the BCM replacement. $12 shipping $55 for the part from Jim. What a deal!
  2. I need a Body Control Module. Where can I get one? The shop is telling me that after spending hours trying to trace down the reason my inside lights continue to turn on and off draining my battery is the BCM. Any suggestions? HELP!!!:mad:
  3. I had it slid all the way to the dimmed as possible.
  4. OMG can't be that easy? $$$HIT
  5. I have a 1988 Reatta. New battery, new plugs, new sensors, lots of work on the car. For months, the car has been draining the battery. I replaced it again and thought all was well. Then I noticed that the courtesy light is going on and off all night long. Sometimes, when I close the door, the light just stays on. I restart the car, turn on the lights and turn it off. Then the light stays off. Sometimes it is off when I close the door, but then rolls through turning on and off all night long. Battery will be dead or nearly dead in the morning:mad:. What is going on?:confused:
  6. My courtesy light stays on apparently draining the battery.....only happens intermittently.... Any idea why that happens?
  7. I have a 1988 Buick Reatta that was throwing the EO65 code. I have replaced this EGR valve 3 times in the last year. Can you please give advice on clearing the code so I can see if it's coming back up?
  8. Red 1988 Buick Reatta Coupe with two doors and a sunroof. VIN# 1G4EC11C0JB903441 Third owner Car has been kept in an enclosed garage all it's life 156,000 miles on original engine (all injectors tested fine on monitor...passed emissions test with flying colors last June before recent part replacements noted in previous posts) All original leather (tan) interior
  9. here are the history error codes being displayed: E063 (EGR) B446 (Low Refrigerant) How much should this cost to refill? B552 (BCM memory reset) C553 (CRTC Keep Alive Memory Error) ????? Cleared the codes...... The battery light on the dash continues to "flash" (the one to the left of "service engine soon"). The Engine Electrical Problem Detected error message continues to come up upon start in the monitor. It appears to this may still be an issue with the negative battery cable or a short in the new battery itself? Or is there something else I am not seeing?
  10.'s fluctuating between 13.9 and 14.1 volts.....typo on my part.
  11. I ran my Reatta without paying attention to the heat factor when the system isn't properly "venting" and melted the EGR...the Catalytic converter was dust when we removed it was overheating the engine with the blow back.
  12. Okay...we replaced the bolt on the battery at the negative connection to the negative cable and brightened up the cable end washer in the black casing. Checked the grounds one more time...... Guess what? No more error codes after clearing the system! I thought all was well after driving it for 75 miles and getting much improved in town mileage. The ABS light is on...but the brakes seem to be working fine. The light was not on at all until we rewired the bundle that melted. Now the battery light on the dash board is intermittently coming on. The alternator tested out fine and was recently replaced (6 months). The screen summary of the gauges shows the battery is charging and fluctuates between 3.9 and 14.1... What can be causing these two lights to appear?
  13. I will post the codes once I have my java and get over to the garage where we are working on the car...probably 4 or 5 hours....need to get a cap nap first. I have read the service manual and am aware of how to access the codes. This car is so cool....thanks for your help when I started this was valuable! After re-reading "It Never Fails, Except When It Does" I am going to make sure the grounds are cleaned and connecting properly.