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  1. Found near the carcass of a 1931 Chevy. ? Thank you in advance, Bill...
  2. 7 inch ID Any help in ID-ing is much appreciated. (Please see attached photos) Thank you in advance, Bill...
  3. For sale 1939 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes driver's side engine side panel. One shallow dent 90% $70 B. Wheatley, Newport, NY IHC57catd4c@hotmail.com
  4. Chevrolet 1940's trunk lid with latch $150 OBO 85% Newport, NY B Wheatley IHC57catd4c@hotmail.com For a better description please go to Ebay -1942 Chevy trunk lid 1943 1944 1945 1946 1941 1947 latch Chevrolet GM coupe | eBay
  5. Thanks much Curt, The donut hole is 15 inch...
  6. Anybody know what make/model auto this would fit? A '41-46 Chevy trunk lid was with it. ? Looks very similar to Ebay item # 200757744062 Just shy of 31" diameter. 4" depth Thanks for any help in advance, Bill
  7. Have a Mopar 824 (early 50's?)...looks very similar to the one Joe has in the pic above. Good luck, Bill
  8. Thanks guys, should have known...
  9. Looks like 1960's era but can anyone please tell me what this is for? Floor? seat? Thanks in advance...
  10. --No ID markings -- ~ 27" long ---half ball transmission (male) socket is very similar to a 1937-'39 FOMOCO shifter on Ebay # 360407105396.... ?? See pics... Thanks in advance, Bill
  11. Hi, I've got some damaged/rusted tin. (radiator splash pan?, front fender, etc...) someone told me they thought it might be a '20 Studebaker. I can send you pics if curious. IHC57catd4c@hotmail.com Thanks, Bill
  12. Does anyone know what this pair of bezels fits? Thanks in advance... Bill
  13. Anyone familiar with what make the large cap is? 20's? What year the Chevy is? Thanks in advance, Bill
  14. Thanks RR. Just brought the fender home and took more pics...
  15. The latest picture (#7) is from an August 23, 2010 AACA post from Clawson that shows the windshield brackets to a 1918 Mitchell...very similar to the brackets (pics 5&6) that Rust Rustler was so alert in ID-ing as a 1920 Mitchell. Thanks for all the help!!
  16. Thanks for hooking me up Noel....much appreciated! Bill
  17. Thanks guys... I have posted two additional pictures which give a better view of # 2 pic. I'm wondering if the grab handle gives any clues? Thanks in advance...
  18. Found these the other day scrappin'....All located with-in 10 feet of each other on an old farm dump.......just could not bear sending them to the Chinese furnaces..... :eek: I know it's a sickness isn't it?? #1 pic--- ? with NY 1926 license plate...anyone know what this went to? #2 pic ? #3 pic ? Instrument panel backing with steering column #4 pic ? Fender Possible clue.....Farmer said that he had an old '32 Buick that he made a wagon out of once upon a time.....just a shot in the dark but could this be pieces of it? I do have the '32 Buick rear and front ends/axles ?
  19. This steel tube came amongst a large lot of 1920's-60's auto parts. Would have tossed it in the scrap metal heap but found some markings on it. Steering shaft tube? but that is a real long shot guess... It is 1 7/8" OD X 20 3/8" in length. It has "AK 178" and "M8D 1" stamped on it. (see pics) The 8 in 178 is extremely faint. The ends are both identical.....cut off rather rough and never dressed. Thanks in advance.... ?
  20. Right where you said it would be auburnseeker....next to the rim "GUIDE made in USA" Thanks...
  21. Thanks a bunch auburnseeker! ....scanned it pretty closely and nothing...maybe underneath the paint?
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