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  1. Just wanted to update this thread. ARN ended up buying the Stude. He drove up mid-July from Texas, we loaded her, and he made the drive back with no issues. We came to what I believe was a reasonable agreement...and more importantly it seems it went to a great home. He has the chassis and parts to finish this correctly. I'm somewhat sorry to see it go - it was just a cool car - but I'm glad someone will do it right! Now I have some much needed room in my storage, and a few bucks to put towards my '34 Chevy town sedan, '55 Desoto, '27 Ford roadster, '30 and '31 Model A roadsters, etc....
  2. Hi Arn - yes it's still available. As I posted above, I tucked it into a storage building but I can have it dug out in an hour or so! Hey Packard32 - how's your project coming along? Did the dimensions you took help?
  3. Hey all, I'm getting ready to move this into storage in the next couple of weeks. Thought I'd bump this up.
  4. Hey all, I'm getting ready to move this into storage in the next couple of weeks. Thought I'd bump this up.
  5. Still haven't found someone to preserve this. I know cash can be hard to find in this economy - so I'd consider trades. What do you have? (I prefer something vintage, but will listen to all)
  6. Bill, I wish you had some play money too! MikeC, when you say "6 bow top", is that including or excluding the header bow? What does the 6 bow top signify? Thanks.
  7. Newstew, I do. (look, I made a rhyme!) I haven't been actively listing it mainly because I haven't had much garage time, but it is still for sale.
  8. Mike...I still have the body. I have the hood buried in a shed, but I promise it's in equal condition. If it's something you really want to see, just tell me and I'll go dig it out and post.
  9. Bumping it again...you need it, I need space! Let's make a deal!
  10. I need the garage space for a car that's been in the family for years if I'm not going to build it. Let's talk.
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