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  1. Regarding wooden bodies, the most comprehensive manual I could find is FISHER BODY SERVICE MANUAL 1926-1932 ALL CLOSED BODY G.M. CARS which is available new but has no drawings or sketches with dimensions but a lot of photographs. The other used manual I have is BODY SERVICE COURSE 1930 by Chevrolet. This is a 5-day in class body service and repair course. There is a lot more material available for the Model T. There maybe a websites by individuals who documented in detail a Fisher bodied restoration or youtube.
  2. Any of your parts left? Trying to put a 29 77 roadster back together.
  3. Patrick, thanks for reminding me. Hows your project coming along?
  4. Don't know why it said Page 1 Again, check with Frank's House Of Tops Page 1
  5. Check with this guy: Page 1
  6. Thanks your for your interest. I've found Model A roadster tops, but have not came across a 30 Model A 68B cabriolet top irons.
  7. Gals and Gents, I'm still looking for close to 1930 Plymouth, DeSoto, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet etc. convertible top iron parts, pictures, scale drawings, contacts etc. I know a lot of you are frequenting car shows swap meets etc.
  8. That number on the frame should match the number on the engine like it does on my 30-U convertible.
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