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  1. That is my experience. My 1939 Plymouth has 2330 pre-focus bulbs. I tried LEDs. They were very bright, but not useful as they did not penetrate the darkness very far. I replaced them with halogen 2330 bulbs. Worked much better, though I changed to an alternator due to the current draw. Pete
  2. Hi & welcome. You can find the complete specs for your 1938 model RC Dodge Brothers half ton pickup in the "Frame, Springs and Shock Absorbers section of the factory shop manual. All the dimensions are there as well as a diagram and notes on frame alignment. The manuals are pretty easy to find these days, especially on eBay. Here's a link to one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1938-Dodge-Pickup-and-Truck-Shop-Manual-38-Repair-Service-base-book-for-1939-/161958765903?hash=item25b57ea54f:g:OrwAAMXQySpRNn49&vxp=mtr Pete
  3. Hi Vic, I have a 1938 model RC half ton pickup. I would be interested in purchasing a hood ornament if you follow up on this process. Thanks, Pete
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