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  1. im interested in this if still available thank you
  2. Hi Harold Book finally arrived ,very happy thank u for all your help
  3. Thank U I have paid through Paypal adress to Diana Felber PO box 978 Twain Harte CA 95383 thank you
  4. Hi Harold do u still have this book for sale, I have friends who live in Sonora, if u could post there thank you
  5. All good I have two 1928 Imperial sedans, both registered and on the road
  6. Hi Ken I have a air cleaner if u need one cheers rhokin@hotmail.com
  7. Hi Mike Its a carbon seal around 2 inches in diameter Have found similar at the moment no leaks, just chasing up the right one just in case.
  8. Have a parts book arriving from Ebay this week. Australian $ to USD $ .57 cents exchange rate is awfull at the moment. Vintage parts have a seal $347 USD that makes it an expensive seal. just looking at my options thanks for every ones help
  9. I have a 1939 chrysler imperial 5 passenger sedan Has the first fluid coupling in the chryslers. I am looking for the seal. fluid is leaking onto the clucth. Clutch is slipping. The seal for the 1939 is different from the 1940 ,41 42 can any one put me in the right direction to buy a seal . Andy Berbaum havnt any
  10. Im Happy to purchase this trunk. the big problem I live in Australia. I have an email rhokin@hotmail.com maybe we can arrange something. I have friends in California and Indiana cheers hope I hear back from u
  11. Great looking Fargo very intersted if selling I have a 1937 fargo it would be a good mate for it
  12. I Have two 1928 Chrysler imperials here in Australia and this car that is advertised here is definitely not an Imperial. just google 1928 Chrysler imperial and you can see the real thing
  13. your service is very slack have emailed u several time and even called from Australia and all u say I will look into it You better keep hauling cars u wont make any money trying to sell stuff. I will not recommend u to anyone
  14. I HAVE A 1937 FARGO pick up I am looking for the centre grill with crank hole cover , I live in Australia hope that's not a problem looking forward to hearing from you
  15. I Live in Australia but I have what u need happy to swap for a wheel
  16. I am in Melbourne may be able to help what model Chrysler are you looking for
  17. Very interested in the motor and transmission I am in Australia and have a 1930 77 sedan I have been looking for the right motor for it . Where abouts in the USA and any chance for a contact number my email address rhokin@Hotmail.com thanks
  18. you need a strong hub puller maybe a little heat then a little tap around hub with a hammer. it will come off
  19. I have 3 E80s 5 passenger tourer 7 passenger tourer on 133 inch wheel base and a roadster all restored 2 L80 sedans and 1932 ch sedan all cars are driven often, I am restoring a E80 on a 133 inch wheel base making a pick up with a canopy so I will drive it around Australia, but maybe before I have been chatting to Jim Hinkley about doing a trip across route 66 in it first. He wants to get a group together about 6 pre 1930 cars , should be fun looking for interested parties.
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