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  1. I do have a BCM from it but here’s my experience- I’ve had to buy multiple ECMs and BCMs even refurbished ones, none of them made my car work correctly. I’d put one in and see how the car ran with each in and would choose the one than ran the best because something would always be off. :/ maybe it was just my Reatta, idk. So so I guess I’m saying I could sell it to you but there’s no guarantee it would work right :/ im really just looking to get rid of them so they’re not at my Dad’s shop anymore .
  2. Have two Red Reattas for sale. They’re essentially parts cars at this point. One is a 89 and the other is a 91, which is a might have a bit more left to it because it’s parts aren’t completely the same as my 88. Took some body parts out but the mechanical parts are all there. Don’t have great pictures of the 89 because it’s kinda pinned between other vehicles right now. They’re in Wappingers Falls NY. Just want a better than scrap price, gimme an offer! Thanks!
  3. I do almost all my own work, my father is a machinist and has passed on enough to me so that i am very capable... including his auto zone commercial account! ahah Makes things very easy. My mechanic neighbor helps me a lot, especially with larger work and when i am unsure. He is like my 2nd dad since my dad is still in NY. When i took out the old module it was stock and weird and melty looking the guys at auto zone were like "woah" also it was extremely hot. Only one seal was put back in i had to scrape the old one off. I pretty much don't trust anyone with my car, my dad has instilled that in me over time. Also to always triple check your parts from the store because 60% of the time they're the wrong one. hah
  4. Are you free anytime tomorrow or Friday Pagett? I can come by. when i was driving up to my grandma's it was surging like crazy and jumps to normal then back into it UHG. i couldn't end ride on one of the intermittent normal parts, just went straight back into it... this totally has to be something to do with my plugs and such.. i know this behavior... but its never been so bad. i replaced the plugs, the wires and the module.... i guess the module could have been bad out of the box( which i believe was AC Delco)
  5. They injectors were checked to be okay, there are no codes. :/ to explain the shuddering it does a little better maybe it is hard shudder like if it were to stall out but it doesn't it does it REAL bad when I try to shift around 45.
  6. Hey guys, everything was going alright then one day when i turned it on it was running really rough, as in not on all cylinders. I remembered this behavior from before and it was the spark wires and i have replaced them before. I had the rest of the box of the wires left so i put them on (only one was replaced with this box previously). Didn't get better. So... i replaced the spark plugs and the module! NOW it is even less intermittent. it will run badly and randomly just jump out of it and if i accelerated then i could "ride" that jump to it running correctly, until i slowed down and it seemed like it would catch into it again when i would try to accelerate again.... It smells so bad, like my car is just dumping half burned gasoline, its all you smell. When i look at the gauges it seems like at lower speeds (below 45) it will shift okayish and just at 45-50 it shudders like crazy and its horrid to go faster, as if it wont shift higher. any high speed it is brutal to get it to and it just wants to slow down. the oil psi cyclically goes from 225-45 range and my volts are rather high and 14.1 ish which is not normal to the 13.4 ish range of before. Checked the vacuum and injectors and they're fine. I'm so stressed and upset when my baby isn't running right i feel like i am murdering her every time i drive, i cannot stand it. what is it?! >_< O2 sensor? ECM? CPS? PCM? HELP!
  7. i have 245/45R/18 on mine ...sexy ...and my speed is off by umm 2 ish mph? hahaha, but officer it only said 50mph. ha! shouldnt matter if its off, just be a good driver
  8. hey guys, gotta replace my core before it gets too cold here in FL, also my evaporator leaks, should that be fixed/replaced at the same time, i believe they're located next to each other ?
  9. LenaRose


    Hey guys, met with Padgett! He is so awesome! what a swell guy I now have a working instrument panel!!! i left with my door not working and such but i left with some good tips for my ABS wires and the know how to put my door back together the next day hahah! which i did and cut my hand up a lot. but i feel god! and i think i will be tackling the taillight assembly with the help of my boyfriend soon. i'm going to take photos for before an after. oh do you guys know anything about - my cigarette lighter isnt working, and my headlight switch is deciding when it feels like working... what to do?
  10. LenaRose


    Hey guys, longtime no posting, hah life kinda hit me hard, but i'm back! Anywho! I need a ton of little and big parts as i am sure we all do! However if you guys know any good resources that would be absolutely just grand. Big ones that i can think of right now is Taillight assembly, and Everything having to do with ABS (since my brakes are going down hill a little faster then i can handle.) <3 Lena Owen
  11. I will definitely try to gather some free time to make a meet to take up your offer. Thank you so much for by the way. Oh and that photo is actually a composite it is my car (photo taken by me with my canon t2i SLR) but I composted it together with south beach miami at sunset. Because I always felt my baby looked like she belonged in Miami vice. (it is supposed to be reminicent of an 80s magazine ad for my car- with the photo grain ect and coloring-) And yes I will replace fabricate fix hug back together any part any piece of this car, I wouldn't give it up for the world. This car is me. (everyone who knows me seems to agree 100%). Also if anyone would like artwork done let me know! I do just about everything and I recently re-did my fathers machine shop logo/business card.
  12. Alright, thanks so much for the replys guys... My Reatta is an 88' (sorry my signature did not load the first time i posted for some reason) it probably has 156,000 mi on it now, it was around 154 the last time i could see that half of the panel.. ha I got the car in this condition except the panel thing that was recent, and i guess the sad part is it is in better condition when i got it cause these people ruined this car. the codes i get are B448 - History - Low Refrigerant pressure B667 - History - Cruise switch shorted B123 - History - Courtesy light switch B122 - Current - Panel lamp dimming switch pot B132 - History - Oil pressure sensor B334 - History - Loss of ECM data B336 - History - Loss of IPC data B552 - History - BCM keep alive memory error C553 - History - CRTC keep alive memory error When i run the diagnostics when the car is on, (in the regular menu) anything i "check" it says that its bad/needs servicing/ its wrong ha i don't know how many ways to say it, but i don't think that is right .. i hope !! haha last night i was leaving my boyfriends and my headlights wouldn't come up and it did this before 3 weeks ago when i was working on it and for some reason when i open the hood and i press the headlight button they flip up. i also have a driver door sensor problem because no matter what it tells me my door is open. now with the A/C when i run the defrosters it says that my refrigerant is low so it is shutting down the compressor to prevent damage, what would you guys suggest about re-filling it? Maybe i just need a 'meet' to look at all this stuff ahah! Also when i ran the inputs in the BCM, IPC, and ECM they all gave the correct "answer" but who knows if that's all a lie. The panel i believe is so dim that i can only see it at night so i think it is on during the day, i just cannot see it? oh and the brightness on the GCC (touch screen - ithink) is non adjustable, i can bring up the brightness screen and the only think that works on that screen is the return button - ha!
  13. Hello everyone, this is my first time posting however i am on this forum a lot looking at everyone's issues to help resolve my own! - Here it goes I my dash buttons are not illuminated, neither are my shifter lights, the warning lights (ABS,Security,ect) work, my touch control center does not do the fancy intro reatta thingie, it is really bright and i cannot adjust the brightness, and it does not dim at night, also my dash panel (shows gas,speed, ect) did work at one point but now i can only see it at night and it is really dim as well as i can only see one half of it, it splits down the middle of the speed basically and i can see the right side only. The engine runs really rich, my wiper fluid does not come out and from what i could figure out with testing the grounds in such it could be the relay because the connection starts and then it drops off completely. I'm pretty sure my cigarette lighter doesn't work either. and one little thing does anyone else have a problem with their trunk lid not staying open after it rains as well as the alarm system going off on its own after-during rain. when backing up slowly sometimes engine with shut off. Driver door has recently started being hard to open. ( i know this is a lot of things but really any info would be awesome-sorry! and thanks!!) - i have replaced BCM, CPS, alternator, intake manifold, spark plug connectors (car was surging around 45mph - fixed that when it was replaced) , motor mount, window switch, window motors, headlamp motors, headlight bulbs, and probably more that i cannot think of as of this moment (CPS and Window switch replaced thanks to Jim Finn's parts!) I have replaced a lot of this myself and the rest with help from my father who is a machinist. also i have the enormous service manual I appreciate any help anyone can give, i know one thing on the lift of possible replacement is the photocell but id like some input before moving forward as of right now. Thank you!!!
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