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  1. Coley, How do you wire it, directly from the battery to switch to cly. or do I have to use relays, etc. I will try your suggestion first and see if it works, but I do have to know how to hook it up. thanks
  2. I just purchased a 1963 Rambler wagon and the previous owner had replaced the manual trans with a different manual trans that he got from the back of a old trans shop. He didn't have any idea of what this trans came out of, but it did fit and shift with a floor conversion kit, thou not as smoothly as I would like.. I went underneath today and found that this trans is diffinently NOT the original model and it appears to have several electric wires coming out of a cylinder from the side of the trans. Could this possibly be a 3 speed manual with the electric overdrive model and if so, is it pos
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