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  1. OK, so I have pix of the cars. They aren't any good for determining value, however they are great fodder for carsinbarns.com! Thanks to everyone here for their sage advice.
  2. old car fan: we're selling the cars, not the memories ;-> but I get your gist. A by the sea: thanks, what you said makes sense, and is what I've been thinking anyway. I don't think the cars are worth much because of their location and their condition. They were put in the shed to keep them out of the elements. Don't know how the wood is holding up on the Chrysler, as I've not seen the cars in years. Hopefully I'll get more details soon. thanks y'all!
  3. Great! I'll look for the Old Cars Price Guide. I don't know what shape their in, as I haven't looked at them in years. Not sure about rust, etc. Which is why I wanted to get some pictures, talk to my sister, & use condition to determine a price range. They haven't run in years. My brother got the '28 Chrysler running in the mid 60's, but lost interest and parked it in its current place. the '51 Ford was what I learned to drive a stick on ;-) so it was running in the mid 70's. You had to double clutch to keep the gears from grinding, and if you hit a bump you were likely to bounce out of y
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'm waiting for my sis to send me pix of the cars since I'm currently not at the farm. Will post when I get them~ (and the serial number/engine number from the Chrysler) thanks for all your help!!
  5. So my family has a bunch of old cars that have been sitting in a large shed for many years. They haven't moved since the mid-70's. (they are on a farm in Ks) We're trying to determine value for these as they will be sold or sent to auction and I'm having trouble finding good sources for this. I looked them all up on the NADA guides site, and I don't think they meet the "low retail value" bar because they aren't in 'functional condition' which I assume means running and drive-able. definition: Low Retail Value This vehicle would be in mechanically functional condition, needing only minor rec
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