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  1. My husband found this windshield in a basement of an adobe house we are remodeling in NM. It is 24 x 42 from the outside edges. The windshield is a split windshield. I am attaching pictures. Can anyone tell me what it is from? And the value? You can find it on my site "Tucumcari". The frame is black. There is one small ding in the glass. Thank you, Roberta and Dale Stackhouse clark.stackhouse@gmail.com
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. This is all new to us. I will do that. Thanks, Roberta and Dale Stackhouse, West Branch, Iowa
  3. Howard, Nice to have you respond. My husband meaured last night at it was 24 x 42. There is currently a black frame and he is going to try to see if that was re-painted or if it was originally black. It was in the basement of an adobe house we are remodeling and he "almost" threw some wood on it....not a good idea. Thank you, Roberta and Dale Stackhouse
  4. I have posted a picture under "Tucumcari" of a windshield we found in NM. I would like to know what viewers think this is from and if there is possibly a buyer out there. We are located in Iowa...yes, up in the snow! The windshield is in Iowa. Please call our home 319-643-5767 and my husband will tell you about the windshield.
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