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  1. For sure 39 and 40 are the same grills. 41 is different and is different than any others, because of a metal piece that encompassed the perimeter of the entire piece. The one you have is definitely a 39 /40 grill. I have a friend who is looking for a 39 grill. He wants mine. The 41 will fit in a 39/40 and visa verse but the perimeters are different Ctskip
  2. At the moment I'm a angry and confused state.:confused: Hopefully that will change when I realize I can do something to this Zephyr to make me like it. I thought I had a partner, but he bailed. So now I must decide as to what to do to make me like the overall project once again. I've looked at putting on doors from a two door model and closing in the rear doors while chopping the top and stretching out the rear window. I'm still investigating all ideas and concepts. What do you have in mind? I'd like to leave it looking like it could be stock, yet look good:rolleyes: I am in Texas. Skip
  3. I'm looking for a roof for my Zephyr. I'd like a coupe roof and maybe a trunk. Even an old body will do. I have a complete four door and I'm looking into creating a two door Zephyr. Ideas? Thanks, Ctskip@ sbcglobal.net
  4. I'm looking for a new roof for my Zephyr. I read somewhere, somebody had a coupe roof for sale. So I'm putting my feelers out there. Any ideas? I'm looking to keep this four door Zephy as original as possible, yet I want what I want and I want a two door Zephyr. I can't find one, so I'll make one. I could use a set of doors for a two door Zephyr also. Any suggestions short of parting this baby out? Skip
  5. Where was it that I saw somebody had a coupe roof for sale? any leads? Thanks, skip
  6. They did a photoshop on the four door and it looks terrible. Kind alike a VW beetle on steroids. For now I have given up on the four door and turning my desire towards something I am interested in, a hot rod. Maybe I could chop channel and section this monster? I know, you guys here are the wrong people to ask. My FIL is showing signs of dementia and is in the not trusting anyone stage. He seems to think we all want to put his uncompleted tasks together so when he passes they will be easier to sell. Which is so far from the truth and not like he used to be. Sad, is all I can say. So for now the 40 Zephyr sits, mostly apart in a building in central Texas. Anybody need new floor boards for their four door 1940 Zephyr? Skip
  7. You are kidding. Have you priced a two door 1940 Zephyr lately? I like the idea of replacing the doors with doors from a two door car. That might be doable. As far as hassle. I don't mind. The way I look at it is , I don't have anything to lose. The parts are worth more than the body is. I'll always have the parts. I'd love to find a two door Zephyr. One of those will be out of site. I went over to the HAMB site and there are guys there doing photoshop. Wild things. Lowering cars and chopping tops and changing color combos . I put two pictures of a a 40 on the forum and asked if anybody could section the 40 eliminating the rear two doors. We'll see. Here's hoping. I did cut up haphazardly, some pictures . You can imagine what they look like. The slope of the four door back side is way different than that of a two door back side. It's hard to imagine. Hopefully someone will do a photoshop rework on a four door for me turning it into a two door car so I can see if it's something I'd like to tackle. here's hoping, Thanks for the ideas. Skip
  8. After securing the Zephyr and my Father-in-law (fil) broke his hip one year ago, he has gone downhill from there. He hasn't been able to do anything on the car. I have the new floor pans new complete motor and now I am looking at putting 15 to 25K into a vehicle I really never wanted. I wanted to build a hot rod. Now that we are into this four door car, I am hesitant to spend the money into a vehicle that will return less than half back should I ever decide to sell and move onto something different. I just didn't want and never did want a four door vehicle, ever. He liked it. He's not into it anymore. It's all up to me now. Do I part it out, or play with it and hopefully turn it into something I might like better than a four door. Here comes the thought.. Work with me here. I was looking at it over Mothers day and thought about how it would look if I cut the rear doors out and sectioned the car in half, making it a two door. Something that appeals more to my line of thinking. I don't see where it would be all that hard. The post is there for the front door to close on and I could bring the rear section up to it. Has anybody ever thought about this and what would your thoughts be on this project. As is, the car isn't worth anything, but for it's parts anyway. Four doors just don't have any value in the market. I never liked four door vehicles. I'd rather build a two door anyway. I need some feedback. I will keep it stock as far as looks and running gear, same goes with the interior and dashboard. I'll just be cutting out the rear doors/roof and floor/driveshaft and closing it up to create a two door vehicle. I think most will never know it stated life as a four door car. I'm not hot rodding it just making a two door from a four door. Y'all can start throwing stones at me anytime. I can take it. This isn't the actual vehicle but it will refresh your view of what I'd like to try Skip
  9. I still have the motor. I am torn because it's probably the only Hemi I'll ever own . Having wanted one all my life. It at my FIL and I am planning to get a motor stand and bring it inside. For now it sits covered behind the building. Not for long. I will part with it but I'm not going to give it away. Make me an offer. Skip
  10. The way I understand it, Pate is one of the better swap meets for pre-war. I really don't know about brass. They have golf carts that can be rented, so you can cover more distance Skip
  11. Having moved to a smaller garage and my Zephyr being 250 miles to the south, it gets a bit difficult to do much of anything on her. So I was thinking about her and reading what y'all are doing to your vehicles. So I figured that counted as doing something. I called my FIL and asked if he would sandblast the steering wheel so I can epoxy in the cracks and put a skim coat over the entire thing. The plastic (or whatever it is) just feels like a three day old beard, so i figured I'd skim coat it with epoxy and fine sand it and see what I end up with. I figure I can't do it any more harm than whats been done from sitting in the Texas sun for forty some years. Hey, at least I'm thinking about her. If walking by them counts, thinking about them should also, right? Maybe I'll go wash and fondle my daily driver. Skip
  12. Thanks Tom. Great pictures. Looking at your seat makes mine look pretty good. I was wondering about that also. Just the floor is dominate at this point. My FIL is still working on the rotisserie Did you cut out the old floor while it was sitting on it's tires from the topside? Doors on or off? Did you cut out the floor from the bottom side or top side or both? Thanks for the pictures, Thats exactly what we are planning to do to ours. What did you fill the "spots" in with and what did you coat the bottom with? Spots? What spots? I must apologize for all the questions but so far you have done exactly what I am planning to do to ours. I lucked out there. With pictures to boot!!!! Thanks again and, if you don't mind, I'll be asking you about a hundred more questions along the way. Give or take a few. Thanks, Skip
  13. Texas Motor Speedway, Dallas, Texas. One of the best for pre-war cars and parts. Skip
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