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  1. Every tyre bears four wear markers around the circumference. When you notice flush wear marker, it means that your tyre has 1.6mm or less of tread left. This is the time you must change the tyre. Tyres can wear unevenly so check the tyre thoroughly to ensure left out tread depth. Tyres having tread depth around 2mm should be changed. Tread depth meters are made available at branded tyres outlet.
  2. The difference between the construction of radials and bias is the direction of how these layers or plies are applied in relation to each other and to the center line of the tread. The plies on a bias-ply tire run approximately 45 degrees to the center line of the tread, alternating in direction with each layer. The plies on a radial tire run 90 degrees to the center line of the tire and basically overlap instead of crisscrossing. The other physical difference between the two is radials tend to be a lower profile tire while bias tire are usually taller and thinner.
  3. You can do that as you have already mentioned convertible category. Apart from that, it is also of the same category.
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