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  1. Im looking for timing specs and timing belt and mark diagram so I can replace timing belt on a Maserati TC its a 4 banger 2.2 with turbo. square tooth timming belt. don't remember what year.
  2. Well I had the state trooper come over and look at the cars. He said the the bill of sale had to be noterised before he could do anything. so I went and got the bill of sale noterised than he said the vins looked good but I needed to put the cars together before he could do a full inspection.
  3. they got some pretty trucks on that site but I am looking for something more along the lines of the T wood beds I have a few pics.
  4. Well like I said I don't have enough money to buy a repo bed and old originals are hard to find. It doesn't matter truck or pickup flat or box just looking for some ideas want to build something that looks like it might have come on a pickup. as far as the pickup goes people build wood beds for pickups now I don't see why it would be any different then. Like I said just looking for ideas and if I like somthing that is on a AA then Im sure I could scale it down to a pickup size bed.
  5. popeye31

    Show your bed

    I am looking for pics of Modal A wood truck beds if you got one or seen one please post it. cant afford to buy a repo steel bed and have plenty wood laying around.
  6. Ok, Thanks for clearing that up for me I didn't read the other post good. I just saw 30 sedan deluxe.
  7. there is wood between the frame and body channels where each bolt is on mine and they sell the blocks in all the repo mags. am I missing some thing, or am I calling them the wrong name.
  8. I got a reply once frome another forum and the guy said that the front blocks ar rounded and would be to hard to get an accurate measurment. the block set ony cost around 35-55 bollars so I think I am going to just buy them.
  9. Does any one know of a machine shop in the neworleans area that can do the machine work on my fourbanger for my 30 truck? it needs a good boreing , I would like a line hone and tourque plated, also I need the crank turned rods reconditioned, balanced and new babits. and got any idea of what price range I should be looking at.
  10. Martylum is correct I am a body man also and the prosedure Martylum is the correct procedure for excelint prep work.you should have two cleaners , one for water born contaminints such as swet ,bug juiceand such and one for oil base contaminints such as grease, oil, swet. etc.then etching primer, than an ecoat some etching primers act as ecoat also than a sandable primer . the the reasoning for so many different primers is the etching primer is desined to stick to the metal , the ecoat is to protect the metal and provide a good base for adheasion, and then the epoxy sanding primer sticks to the
  11. Just found the serial number on the frame so now I need to set up the fisical inspection according to the serial number I have a 30 chassis built in march.
  12. So I'm married to two women . a young one and an older one . sounds fun.
  13. I have a 30 truck and a 30 sedan I worked on a 31 truck today and saw the indent you are talking about you cant mis it. the indent is huge and is shaped like a teardrop. so if only the 31s had the indent than I have 30s bodies.
  14. popeye31

    A Fenders

    Here is a pic of the back the very bottom of the cab is rusted need to get a patch panel. I had the truck upside down this weekend and its hasent been cut and moved foward.I ve also included a pic of the sedan I have
  15. No I did not . no one replied yet .
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