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  1. Hey Steve Would you like the whole pile? There would be a lot of duplicates if you did. I can make a bundel with no duplication, it would go from the 50's to the 2000's but would not be a complete run. This bundel would have hundreds of mags in it. I could put this together this weekend and give you a count and price. Patrick
  2. I have Horseless Carriage Gazettes from the 1950's to the 2000's. I have them in Bundels from 1957--1961, 1963--2004 and 1970--1986. Also single year sets from the 1960's--2000's and many single issues. Will sell 1 issue, 1 bundel or the whole lot. Would like them out of the garage, email me at kphcollectibles@yahoo.com Thanks
  3. I believe they are from a truck engine. The person i got them from was a firefighter and had alot of firetruck parts that i purchased.
  4. I have two 6 cylinder Hall Scott exaust manifolds, year unknown. I also have one 6 cylinder intake (year unknown); the piece that the carburetor bolts to is cracked. I can send pictures if interested. E-mail me at kphcollectibles@yahoo.com.
  5. I have a right front fender for an American La France for sale. I was told it is 1918 but not sure. This fender is in very nice condition. If interested, please email at kphcollectibles@yahoo.com and I can send pictures.
  6. I have some Seagrave engine parts, hose bed and a miscellaneous tank for sale. Was told these are off of a 1926 engine but not sure. The engine parts include: 3 cracked jugs 1 repaired jug 2 jugs that appear to be in good condition Intake that has a hole in it Exhaust manifold - the down pipe part is broken and the cross over pipe has been repaired 2 pieces of the upper water manifold 1 piece of the side water manifold Oil pan Flywheel 1 rod and piston Spark plug wire cover If interested please email me for pictures at kphcollectibles@yahoo.com.
  7. Looking to start or complete your collection? We have many complete years as well as singles available for sale. Please email kaela_nelson@yahoo.com with your needs. Thank you! Brasscarguy1915
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