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  1. Three automotive artists will be showing during Meet Week. Painters Jack Juratovik, David Snyder and Sculpture Tony Sikorsky will be displaying at the Hershey Hotel in the Overlook Room behind the bar off the main lobby. Please come in and say hello if you visit the Hershey Hotel. Hour are 10 am to 10 pm Wednesday through Saturday.
  2. Just received the latest Anitque Automobile. Another spectacular cover by West! Keeps getting better.
  3. Thanks Jim! I think I made several Stude guys happy. It has been well received.
  4. The limited edition print is $95.00 and measures 22' x 28" www.davidsnydercarart.com
  5. Rest In Peace David E. Davis. I only met him on a couple of times. He was quite a character. The automotive world will miss his writings and his knowlege of everything automotive.
  6. I will be showing at the AACA KYANA Swap Meet in Louisville Saturday the 16th and at the Charlotte AutoFair April 7-12. At Charlotte I will be in the special display building (Nationwide Pit Building). I will have the new Studebaker print "Advanced Thinking" available.
  7. Does anyone have a feel on the AACA Kyana Show at the Louisville Fairgrounds. It is later this month and I signed up to be a vender. I wounder if the attendance is as good as it was years ago.
  8. Amen to Franklin man! I've cut several marginal shows from my list this year.
  9. Wow, Marty made me feel better. I haul my art in a Chrysler Town and Country 4.0 6 speed with a large cartop carrier and I expect to get 22 mpg.
  10. I'll be driving 1,900 mile round trip to show my art at Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. A long way for 7 hours of exposure.
  11. "Antique Automobile" just arrived in record time! Congratulations West on another great issue. Outstanding cover photo! All four covers! Best magazine in the business. I kind of like page 25.
  12. Best way is to call 9am-9pm (513)722-9608
  13. For those who saw me working on this painting at the AACA Museum Hershey Week, it is finally done. "Advanced Thinking" is my newest piece. It shows a typical yet fictitious Studebaker Dealership in 1963. This is a copyrighted image and may not be reproduced for any purpose. Prints are available for purchase. Enjoy this trip down memory lane!
  14. Not yet in Milford, Ohio. Hoping to see some coverage on "Pumps On Parade" from Night at the Museum.
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