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  1. Hear, hear! It wasn't broke, so why was it "fixed" ??????????
  2. T, your post of "Big Bertha" inspired me to dig into my wrecker files. The only two pre-war period pix I have are these......... 1941 Dodge Australian 1938 Dodge
  3. <a href="http://s865.photobucket.com/albums/ab215/woodburner802/?action=view&current=47834d1265141746-period-photo-threa.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i865.photobucket.com/albums/ab215/woodburner802/47834d1265141746-period-photo-threa.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> T - Looks like the "twins" are the smarter siblings in this image ! ROTFLMAO !!!
  4. T - Kinda hard to tell from the small image but my guesses would be Mack 75BX, Mack E and American LaFrance, left to right.
  5. I agree, T, but what the heck could possibly be going on here?!?!?
  6. Hi, Stude 8. Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the pix of these historic Studebaker Indy cars in your numerous posts on the thread. I've been a big fan of these cars since I first met Bob Valpey about 25 years ago, and these period images have been just great!
  7. Thanx, Keiser31. Ever seen that kind of add-on boom before, or do you think it was a home built one-off?
  8. Got to be one of the oddest "tow cars" I've ever seen, what with the boom added on without hacking off the back half of the sedan body. Any guesses about the make and year of the car or who made the boom? That bird on the radiator cap makes me want to say Chrysler, but I'm not bettin' the farm on it!
  9. T - Mr. Arnold looks a little smug, and certainly has every right to from his position behind the wheel of that very impressive car!
  10. I'm always looking for odd and unusual subjects when I surf around the web. One of my favorite items has been the railroad conversion of passenger cars for use as track inspection or work crew vehicles. In later years, Hy-Rail conversions made them more flexible in their uses, but before that, they were put together in the railroad's own shops, usually from a bigger sedan and various train related bits. Here is a group that run the gamut from a rather forlorn looking Buick on the Pere Marquette to a very bright and shiny Packard that seems to me to have the railroad equivalent of whitewalls! &
  11. OK, you hop in, and when we get up to about 20, just ease the clutch out. I think it'll start right up. If not we can always stiff hitch it......................NOT!
  12. A racecar with problems (Bugatti?). Phil Yes, looks like a Type 23.
  13. Three Bugatti pix. Works driver Louis Chiron showing much panache in 1928. A very famous image of Howe's T59 getting lotsa air on the "Bump" at Brooklands with the Barnato-Hassan Bentley in the background. And lastly, the field at the 1934 Spanish Gran Prix, showing all kinds of exotic beasties.
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