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  1. Thank you for the information, however what I have seen indicates that the cars from his lot aren't in quite good enough shape for what I need.
  2. I'm looking for a 1971 Pontiac Catalina/Bonneville/Grandville/Safari Must have good front clip. Thank you,
  3. That's a good suggestion for a possibility. I'll check into that as well.
  4. Thanks for the responses. That's a good tip about the zip tie, I had never thought of that, however the problem I'm questioning is not whether the shocks are bottoming out but if they aren't compressing enough. I knew they were very stiff before so now I question if with the shorter springs perhaps their firmness is causing problems. I had the car aligned because I had the front end rebuilt. I've had it this way for about 2 years and I just can't stand it anymore. I have ridden in the 90s Impala SS before and they don't ride at all like this, so it is not just me being unfamiliar with the shorter springs' characteristics, however because I am not sure of spring rates I was curious if the symptoms I listed were typical of a spring issue or perhaps a spring issue.
  5. I have a 1978 Caprice Aerocoupe. My 4 coil springs were shot so I replaced them with the closest replacement they make to the 1996 or so Impala SS springs. Now it rides terrible and seems to hit very hard when going over bumps and sometimes bounces very stiff. Are these characteristics of the shocks being too long? I didn't change them and the new springs are lower than the old. I'm curious if that is the issue or if perhaps the spring rates or types of springs I ordered are incorrect.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I followed the flowchart in the shop manual and began testing out under the hood. It eventually led to me, as you mentioned, take the 3-wire plug loose from under the column and run a jumper wire between two wires and then run a test light from the 3rd to a ground and see if it would light up when the button was pressed. I see in the shop manual it shows a blown apart picture of the cruise stalk coming apart but I don't see any way for it to come apart. Is it held with glue? Is there typical, more common problem that goes wrong with these (small wires break or internal button problems)? Since these are hard to find and pretty expensive if you do I'd like to repair the one I have if possible. Thanks,
  7. I have found that there is a problem in the button or wiring in the column of my cruise control setup on my '71 Pontiac B Body. It's the kind with one button on the end of the turn signal stalk. I'm curious if anyone has ever rebuild one of these units and how difficult it is to remove from the column. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the response. I need to know if the carburetor is correct for the engine or if the engine is original type of engine that came with this bike so I can know what type of carb kit to buy. Brandon
  9. Hello, A friend of the family bought a Cushman that is just like the one he had when he was a kid. He asked if I could get it running. I believe it needs a carb rebuild but I know almost nothing about Cushmans, so I'm not sure if it has the correct carb or what kit to buy. Could anyone steer me in the right direction? Thanks, Brandon
  10. The woodgrain is definitely going back on. I just got it back from the paintshop today. Brandon
  11. It is true that the woodgrain was an option. I have the original build sheet to the car. My dad owned a GM dealership and he said it appears the car was almost certainly ordered as a rep car. I like the woodgrain so I'm going to go back original. Not to mention I've already primered and block sanded the car and sanding around ALL THOSE STUPID TABS is an absolute nightmare. The hard part is over now and after all that I wouldn't take those darn tabs off if I had to just leave them there, haha. None of the other woodgrain interchanges. I'm not even sure if 71-72/73-76 interchanges. I know the front fender moldings don't, but I believe, though I'm not certain, that the everything from the front doors back is the same (except for a few years where on the tailgate the molding had reflectors integrated in).
  12. Sorry, I'm not sure what I did wrong. Here's a working link: April May's 1937 Chevrolet
  13. Hello all, I'm looking for the trim that surrounds the woodgrain on a '71 Pontiac wagon and also a cluster that has gauges instead of idiot lights. Thanks, Brandon
  14. Hello everyone, I'm restoring a 71 Grand Safari 9 passenger wagon. (Build thread here if anyone interested: http://vcca.org/chat/images/dotcom.gif]Build Thread I can't seem to find the trim that surrounds the woodgrain. Well, I find some, but it is mostly from demolition derby guys who say they have it but then just throw it away and stop answering emails. Does anyone know where to find this stuff?
  15. Thanks for the response. Yeah, I have checked at the wagon forum and all of the leads have turned up dead ends except for Karr Rubber, who I haven't been able to get to answer the phone. I read on some other forums that Karr rubber has some issues with quality, so I'm not to sure about using them. That's a really nice looking wagon. She must have been very well cared for. Brandon
  16. Have you found a place that makes replacement seals for the tailgate? I have a '71 Pontiac clamshell and the rubbers is non-existent. Any more pictures of your Wagon? Thanks, Brandon
  17. I have a '28 Model A I'm selling for a friend. I've driven it a couple of times and seems to be a pretty nice car. I'll have more pictures later. $11,500
  18. Thanks for the reply. I was able to use that part number and find and order the parts. Thank you for the help, Brandon
  19. Thank you for the reply. I was in a motel room the last couple of days with no wifi. I checked the line going from the manifold to the reservoir (a round, plastic piece screwed onto the side of the firewall where the air conditioner components are mounted). This canister does have vacuum. Should I assume if it has vacuum that the canister is working correctly? I haven't followed the hose from the canister down into the cabin. I will need to take several parts of the dash out to see this part of the line. I did notice that there is another vacuum line coming out at the same place as the air-cond control line you mentioned. This line goes up to the heater control valve and it has many holes in it and has become very, very brittle, to the point that it is non functional. My guess is that if this line is as bad as it is, then the one going inside the cabin to the dash controls for the A/C would also be in very bad shape and may be the source of my problems. Thanks for the help, Brandon
  20. My air conditioning will only blow out the bottom vents and the defrost vents. I would like to find a vacuum diagram so I will understand how everything is routed before I start tearing things apart. Does anyone have one? I have Haynes manual for the car but it doesn't have anything I can find on vacuum. Thanks, Brandon
  21. Hello all, My boss has a '73 Buick that's very original and low mileage. Today I found that it's missing a part that seems to keep it from operating properly. The part mounts into the front of the manifold and apparently the vacuum advance and several other vacuum things attach to this part. He said he has looked for years and has not been able to locate one. Does anyone know what this part is called or where I could locate one? Thanks, Brandon
  22. Well, I found a 48 or so Cadillac ashtray on ebay and ordered it to see if it would work out. I believe I'm going to go this route. I really like how it looks. I'm going to modify it to accept a vent and to have directional levers inside. I'm probably going to have it rechromed. Brandon
  23. I considered doing that for some rear vents, but I think getting the air routed into the roof would be difficult to conceal considering how small the a pillars are. Right now I'm thinking about possibly running one small vent tube into the floor and having a very this passage way on the floor which would then lead to a tube I would mount inside the seat and have it exit through a "hidden" vent on the seat. I would probably install another ash tray back there and have the vent hidden inside. I'm not sure I'll definitely go with a rear vent, but if I do that's looking like the way to go right now. Thanks for the reply. Brandon
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