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  1. Thanks Ed, sorry to be a pest...I cant seem to find the classifieds you mention? maybe I need to look around the site more but could you point me in the directon? best, mark
  2. hello all, im on the hunt for a timing chain cover for a 401 nailhead ( apparently this sat mine decided to become more of a sprinkler than a cover , Additionally if anyone knows where I can find a water pump for my rivi that would also help. I have tried old buick parts but 63 is a year they dont service. Thanks, Mark
  3. Dave G's facebook page does show a clear shot of the vin on the frame of a 65, i have a 63...it seems that there are some inconsistencies on how they did things from 63-65 so I am just asking to see if anyone can 100% confirm that it’s in the same place on a 63 before I go tearing things apart.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Regardless I am very thankful to all of you for the help.<o:p></o:p>
  4. Thanks everyone... Id also love to see a pic of the vin stamp on the firewall!!! I did find a vin stamp on the engine block but it doesn't match the title vin( I was able to find out that the engine was a replacement from a 65). I did hear that there is a stamp someplace on the driver side frame. Wondering if anyone has ever actually found the frame vin stamp. Also in Washington if I can't find the vin I have to bond the car...meaning I can sell it or revin it for 3 years! I'll chase any lead so please keep them coming !!! Also does anyone know of a way to trace owners back via vin or title? I
  5. So I have managed to find the title to my 63 but this vin tag being gone is still an issue. Im thinking of trying to track down the previous owners . Anyone know of a way to leverage the vin to find previous owners? Thanks! Mark
  6. So my issue is less about the title and more about the fact that the vin plate is missing and the vin on the engine block is not matching to the registration vin... If I can't verify the vin I can sell the car in the future... Any other places I can look on the car for the original vin
  7. thanks for the lead...I am hoping not to have to tear the entire car apart...any other options? anyone....anyone?
  8. Hello all, I have been working on a 63 rive for the past 2.5 years. Long story is I misplaced the title while doing all of the mods and resto. When I started the process I didn't think about or know to look for the vin plate on the cowl... Now that I do I found that the plate is missing. I did find a vin stamped on the front of the engine block but it looks to be different than the vin that came on the title! Can anyone tell me if there are other place to look for a vin.. If not I'm not sure what to do! My email is malk@ncsoft.com or thru the forum Thank you all, Mark
  9. hello all, Im in process of doing a resto on my 63, decided to have the tranny cleaned up and resealed while I had the car apart. The tranny place came back with a quote of over 4k to rebuild the tranny... long and short I am wondering if anyone knows of a buy and bolt replacement solution ( I found one on OPG, but cant tell if its 100% bolt on). also wonder if anyone knows of a seattle contact that could legitamitly help me out. Thanks, Mark
  10. hello all, wondering if anyone knows where I can get my hands on a heater control valve for a 63 rivi, mine is shot, checked with old buick parts as well as opgi...no luck also while at it im looking for a windsheild wiper motor, hard to drive in seattle without wipers as always thanks for the help mark:)
  11. Hi Ed, thanks for the quick!!! note. I am looking to beef up the front sway bar in hopes of tightening up the suspension. And hopefully the steering. To date I have replaced the idler arm, the steering gear bobox, power steering pump, and all the upper and lower control arm bushings...I still have 2-3 inches of play in the steering and am hoping to figure out a way to shore it up. As for the rear...not really sure, I figure I would just replace both to be safe.
  12. Hey All, turning to you all for help once again. I am looking for a front sway bar option for my 63 rivi, also looking for advice on a place to buy a rear bushing kit. As always, thanks for the advice. Mark
  13. Hey all, anyone know where I can find new or god condition interior headliner trim? I think its 12 or 13 pieces in all. Thanks, Mark
  14. all the windows and motors work, they just sound like they are working really hard..... is that a motor thing or a channal and roller thing?
  15. Wondering if anyone can help me out, i am in process of restoring a 63 rivi currenly have the entire interior out and thought it might be a good time to replace the window motors ( I think there is 3 per side, front vent, main door and rear window) However I am not sure about this. All the windows work fine but the motors are struggling on all 6 windows. I have 2 questions. 1) are there 3 motors per side 2) anyone know where I can buy new or oem or R/R'd ones for a resonable price? Thanks for the help! Mark
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