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  1. Several different words jumped out at me when reading your post and they jumbled in my mind with another infamous date 70 years ago this December. your Honda may have been assembled here in the U.S. but the money goes back overseas to the foreign-owned parent company We need to do more to help OUR country recover from this current economic crisis, including BUY FROM AMERICAN-OWNED car & other companies
  2. I also would like to warn about dealing with broker versus directly with a transport company and/or individual who hauls for himself. Several friends have had bad experiences with brokers, even those personally referred by others. They have received their cars late, damaged, had to rescue them from being abandoned across the country (broker 'quit' mid-stream) and more. I have sold several vehicles and can highly recommend Reliable Transport for enclosed cartage. Likely priced higher but like other companies of this caliber, their service is worth it! On the other end is Ebay's U-Ship.
  3. You may also consider posting this fire apparatus question on the Commercial Vehicles forum. Are you familiar with SPAAMFAA? YahooGroups?
  4. Did you disconnect the battery or remove the coil wire? A hidden kill switch or gas cut off is also easy to install.
  5. I forget about 1964 Cadillac but know that the white plastic plates screwed into the 1959 / 1960 era Cadillac driver door jamb are oil change reminders, NOT vin plates. They are often broken, damaged, lost and are easily switched. The correct location for 1964 Cadillac VIN is top of the left frame support next to the radiator support. It should be a series of numbers preceeded and followed by an asterisk such as: *64K123456* You will probably have to clear accumulated grease, dirt, surface rust with a wire brush to read. The VIN number is also on the top surface of the engine block
  6. Wickets, Wine & Wheels June 2010 Location - Meadowbrook Hall, Rochester Michigan Not just any car show, but a premier event at a beautiful and exclusive location for selected early vehicles. Well dressed and apparently well-to-do woman holding full glass of red wine reached through my front window to unlock the rear door on my Cadillac limousine. She then proceeded to climb in to 'look at something' nearly spilling her wine on my carpet. Her and her other well dressed friend along with two 'gentlemen' accompanying them could not figure out why I was upset. They paid their admission, w
  7. Amen brother!!! The Concours of America in Plymouth MI (formerly Meadowbrook) sets aside an area for 'club cars' and offers a discount pre-purchase admission. Members of many different clubs utilize this area with their vintage cars - more secure, closer to the entrance and a nice display for other participants too. I prefer to NEVER leave my vintage cars in a standard parking lot if at all possible. In the rare event I do (on a tour, at an away show, etc) I will usually disable the car in some manner along with trying to park in a very visible area, if a restaurant request seating overloo
  8. I've had five of my vehicles used in two movies this past summer. Each crew took very good care of them. Several other club members' cars were used also. Another car will be used in a 3rd movie this week. In years past, I've used vehicles in several commercials shot locally too. So far, all good experiences. And then there is the behavior of the general public or even some other club members at car shows. I've removed people from inside my car after they reached through the window to unlock the door, from leaning against my new paint, from sitting on the fender... :mad:
  9. Several times I've purchased vehicles which were in my opinion, priced significantly below market value. Of course, I paid full asking price, already realizing that I was getting a great deal. Knowing other persons in the car 'hobby' they would have not been able to resist trying to get them at a lower price yet. I just can't do that. On the other hand, trying to help a friend sell a car right now, he paid $5k several years ago, barely drove it and let it sit outside for a while causing some paint, vinyl top deterioration. Otherwise the car is fine; original paint, shiny chrome, very sol
  10. Nope, the only manual trans I have is attached to a Lycoming V12 and involves double-clutching. I had spoken to Josh @ Hagerty a while back and he explained the program. I think its fantastic Hagerty doing this event. My kids are grown; one has his own vintage car and the other, well she lives in a dense urban area and hardly even drives her own car - relying instead on mass transit for the most part. But she's driven a couple of our vintage cars. Was hoping my niece would have been able to participate but she had a conflict with extra credit summer school classes. She just got her l
  11. From a conversation I learned Margaret joined the Cadillac LaSalle Club in 1959, the year after it was founded. Yes, she does still drive, in fact, has been seen cruising Woodward during the Dream Cruise. I'd have to say, Margaret doesn't look or act a day older than 75. She has some great Henry Ford stories. HF was a friend of her parents.
  12. I know Margaret and she is just an amazing person, car lover, philanthropist, more. The museum she helped create had a wonderful 100th birthday for her last year with members from several clubs in attendance, hundreds of friends and admirers. Margaret still currently owns vintage Cadillacs and a Ford pickup. Two cars she donated are on display at the Gilmore Car Museum near Kalamazoo MI. Margaret's Beautiful Ride - Video - WDIV Detroit Margaret Dunning | Facebook Margaret Dunning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. Kudos to Hagerty Insurance and those car owners who shared their cars. Amongst them, Barry & Glynette Wolk with their Porsche. Autos Insider | Young drivers learn stick shift in classic cars in Dearborn | The Detroit News Teens get chance to learn how to shift gears | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
  14. Very sorry to hear about your car. With different insurance laws in every state, sounds like you really need to be in touch with someone to help guide you through the process in Calf. Saying that, there have been a couple different threads here recently which had some interesting & informative comments. I'll try to link them below. Good luck & let us know the outcome. http://forums.aaca.org/f169/classic-car-insurance-w-o-garage-299727-2.html http://forums.aaca.org/f169/car-show-crash-306304.html A search here found other threads which may be of interest to you. See what other per
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