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  1. B Jake mileage is 79,400. let me know if you have any additional questions about the car. thanks todd
  2. Wow that is neat. An automatic advance. I remember in grade school having to manually advance the projector. How much do you want for the item? thanks Todd
  3. That is cool, would like to see what it looks like. What do you know about McGinty? I never heard or seen him before.
  4. Buick and GM would not be able to get away with such a condescending campaign in today’s day and age. I am amazed at the condition, essentially NOS and unused.
  5. Does anybody know who McGinty is? I had never heard of him before seeing this item.
  6. update:SOLD!!! https://ebayvehicle.com/app/mCtP8ASgrrgNfAj76 I have owned this car since 1991, bought from estate of original owner. don’t have time to enjoy it. Great car, tons of original paperwork. Order with special high performance 455. have more pictures and video if needed
  7. Anybody know anything about McGinty? I have this box of training materials for a 1956 Buick. Has film strip, records and posters. Meet McGinty. who is McGinty? I don’t have a record player or filmstrip projector to hear or see it.
  8. Spring is here... I have up on ebay a 1961 Buick Electra 225 convertible. I have a load more picture on google as well. No Reserve auction on ebay with a BIN as well - auction Ends Sunday April 1st. Link to EBAY: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1961-Buick-Electra-225-/162446078696 EBAY Auction # 162446078696 Google picture drive link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1IycWIEz0AfaHpUamlRUVBmMlk?usp=sharing Please reach out and let me know if you have any questions about the car.
  9. Look at this on eBay the auction number is 162317154794
  10. Please post a picture of what you are in need of. Do you need the lower rocker molding from the front fender or the Electra 225 script?
  11. Not sue if this is the same car but I see this one EBAY right now Buick Buick | eBay
  12. Wanted...I am in need of the Rocker molding stainless from a 1952 Super 4 door or 1952 Super Estate wagon. I need the entire run on both sides. Would also be intetested in pot metal on top of the Rear quarters, The chrome bars on top of the front bumper (full upper lip), the rear bumper center bar with bullets, & front hood spear. Please send me an e-mail with what you have, condition and price Thanks todd8055@gmail.com
  13. Allan, Join this site if you are interested in finding a 1959 Buick www.Buick-59.com :: Home Todd
  14. '53 Buick Super woodie wagon - THE H.A.M.B.
  15. I am looking for the following 1959 Buick Electra 225 stainless parts, these are exlclusive to the 1959 Electra 225 only. Front fender lower rocker moldings with small door extention Rear stainless valance above the bumper runs from the licesne plate to just under the rear tail light lense. I have attached picture of what they are. Thanks Todd todd8055@gmail.com
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