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  1. Well, that isn't true. My Lady friend and I stopped at the Tech School and looked at it, took pictures, made the GM Corp vs GM Company pitch, and left a written offer ($5k) with the instructor. He was to take it to the Administrator. Have heard NOTHING either from school or this forum. I suspect paranoia (on their part) has caused its breakup. I further suspect some of the people here 'know the rest of the story'
  2. Not exactly sure what you're asking but a factory muffer is still available from any GM dealer. The part is not immediately in the GM parts system but is accessible from Vintage Parts Inc. which is where GM (and some other manufacturers) dispose parts stocks when they obsolete them. A bit pricey but OEM. Any GM dealer can order from VPI or you can through their website. FYI
  3. The life of a vegetable depends on whether it was raised by organic methods or the older pesticide methods!!! (I just couldn't resist ) Rubber a vegetable - indeed !! If that be so (and it is NOT) then why do they burns so well and with such BLACK smoke?!?!
  4. You are aware of the one currently on eBay, are you not? Approximately $45 shipped.
  5. I dunno, Buddy, but I just bit for ten myself! Neat Reatta trivia!
  6. In reading your drive home symptoms, I'm gonna guess you have a fuel related problem. Ronnie, Padget, etc. make good suggestions toward determining what is missing - fuel and/or spark. I said fuel, or more specifically, fuel filter/ fuel pump based on your having to 'ease into' the throttle on your drive home - indicates a lack of enough fuel to satisfy the engines demands. Like wise, welcome to the Forum from a relatively new Reatta owner myself - the help is herein!
  7. And you can forget about obtaining a SERTA Reman from the General as have been informed as late as yesterday that 440-T4's at least 88-89 are no longer available!
  8. Ditto here as of 1 minute ago! And yes, Harry, I agree that it is a PIA! :eek:
  9. Well, alls I kin say is I have 1G4EC13L4MB900995 Polo Green COUPE that I got back in January of this yahr from a guy on the Right Coast. If he wants to chime in on this thread and say when and where HE got it, maybe we can run ONE of these ellusive multiples (that our friend Steve eludes to) down! Oh yes and the SPID lists 48U as 'EXTERIOR COLOR, PRIMARY' There I said it and I'm glad!!!
  10. I chewed on him about not proof reading the ad B/4 posting it, re; bad VIN, 1991 in the start of auction verbage and 1990 later on and the wheel problem. Never heard a word back!! Evidently he stuck his tail between his legs and pulled the auction. Further told him we collectors are not stupid so don't try to pull one over on us. WoW, guess I was on a roll!! :cool:
  11. Well, I tried to go you one better and call, but you must have been hard at work on the beast! I looked at my 91 and it is the passenger side wiper arm that has the slight upward bend. I suspect had you tried to install them you would have found that the index tabs would have revealed which was which! Good Luck - I'll talk to you soon!
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