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  1. I have a new tool kit and a new dealer introduction kit with tapes for sale. contact me at marvnewton@comcast.net or (925) 684-3625.
  2. tool kit I have a new complete tool kit in perfect condition. also the dealer intro kit new and complete. contact me at marvnewton@comcast.net or (925) 684-3625.
  3. I have a new tool kit and a new dealer intro kit for aTC Maserati for sale. All new and not abused. $225.00 plus shipping. Marv at (925) 684-3625 or marvnewton@comcast.net. located in Bethel Island Ca.
  4. Got the switch and will install it as soon as my back operation heals. Thanks Marv
  5. I will take the switch. Contact me at marvnewton@comcast.net or call me at 925 684-3625 Thanks Marv
  6. looking for the 4 gang window switch chrysler part #4373228 in left door. thanks
  7. A nice 1990 TC for sale in Oakley Calif. Yellow with black interior. Appears to be in pretty good shape. Phone number on window is (925) 325-8365 owners name is Tony. I just happened to see it parked on a lot.
  8. hey jderden I'm still waiting for a copy of the odometer repair. Are you going to sent it to me? marvnewton@comcast.net
  9. jderden will you send me a copy of odometer repair to marvnewton@comcast.net. I would appreciate it very much. Thank you, Marv Newton
  10. hey jderden can you tell us who supplied the original photos and repair. Maybe we can contact him and get permission to re use it.
  11. Do you have the repair that was listed in this forum that had the pictures and the repair directions? If so I would like to have a copy of it. Thank you, marvnewton@comcast.net
  12. What happened to the TC project to replace the odometer gears with pictures that was on the AACA forum?
  13. Has anyone found a source for the plastic button on the end of the headlight adjusting screw? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the help in procuring a front license plate bracket for my 91 TC. I got one at TC Parts. Thanks again,Marv Newton.
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