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  1. I believe Brewster built the bodies on the 2 limousines in the color/modern photos posted by LCK81403.
  2. I vote Rolls. The young lady resembles the lost aviatrix.
  3. Roland Giroux in his 1910 White MM - a very big car - now at Seal Cove.
  4. Third series 8 Packard with custom body, somewhere overseas. Maybe one of the regular followers can ID the body maker.
  5. Thanks Walt for kicking this off, and thank you all for contributing. Keeping the stress low requires refueling for more posts!
  6. Interesting! That's a 1-16, the earliest single six (1921). And not much snow for that part of NH if that really was February.
  7. 1928 six (533), seven passenger touring. I love the car's condition - clearly this car got used - and the smiles.
  8. Rear door handle is at the front of the door, so rear hinged. Maybe there's another post or photo causing confusion. To my knowledge, sport models used the "T" type door handle, while tourings always had stirrup type.
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