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  1. No idea what make this is, but I'd give it garage space.
  2. I'm pretty sure that's a car in the shed. Don't want to be accused of highjacking the thread into the world of traction engines...
  3. A few accessories visible on this '28 Packard six (5-33) sedan.
  4. Nothing highly polished here, much easier on the eyes.
  5. Politics and religion are taboo, Walt, but I'm hoping you or someone can tell me what a top like this was called back in the day. I don't recall ever seeing anything like it. Kind of a jack-in-the-box arrangement.
  6. Having fun on the US - Mexico border. No idea what the car is, but someone will.
  7. Gov. Martin G. Brumbaugh of Pennsylvania with a 1915 Packard limousine. Big car.
  8. Here's one for those who fancy long bonnets. Supposed to be a c. 1907 Gearless. Quite the contrast to the CGV landaulet.
  9. 1910 Packard model 30, well guarded, in Mexico. Must have worked better than those "please don't touch" signs at concours events. Not sure, but possibly these fellows are involved with the Mexican revolution. The one attired in black has a nice Winchester model 95. Maybe someone else can ID the other hardware.
  10. White steamers at 1904 World's Fair. If my memory serves me, Glidden arranged for a group to drive there, which turned into a formal tour one year later.
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