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  1. An Owen Magnetic and a Metz (?) taking on steep grades.
  2. What's not to like about an Olds speedster with Solarclypse headlamps?
  3. That's why we need you, my mistake. Hope this makes up for it.
  4. If I ever did know the story on this Packard, I've long since forgotten it.
  5. Cute little steamer, make unknown to me, with wire wheels and side tiller. Location might be Vermont.
  6. Two oxen meet a two stroke Elmore. Stern looks all around.
  7. Some interesting suspensions, no idea what make these are.
  8. Not sure this was sold as chassis only. More likely a car stripped down and made into a speedster (a very light speedster).
  9. Some public transport in California, with running boards.
  10. 1909 White (steam) model O truck, with a contender for Mother Of All Mother In Law Seats.
  11. Packard sport model with California top and Truarc wheels.
  12. Another mystery car. I thought "where's the mother-in-law seat?" and then wondered if that's her, after disposing of the seat (and son-in-law).
  13. Car on left of Stoner garage might be a Rambler, c. 1906?
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