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  1. A 443 with a Hibbard & Darrin body. Headlamps look like Marchals.
  2. Another Holbrook bodied coupe. This might be the 2nd series 8 that ended up in Australia, but the eight lug wheels are throwing me off.
  3. They can't all be gorgeous. Here's a Judkins coupe.
  4. 2-36 coupe with Holbrook body.
  5. So far as I know it does, but the Marchal headlamps may have been changed out.
  6. Here's a famous Dietrich some may recall, no longer with us.
  7. Can anyone identify the drivers/owners of these twin sixes in the photos, or know who owned the cars before or since? I have had no luck matching these to known surviving cars for the twin six roster. The color photos dates to perhaps 1960, and is a 1st series touring, while the other with a 2nd series touring dates to about 1948 judging from the Indiana plate on the "modern" car at right. Any help will be much appreciated.
  8. 243 limo with Holbrook body. I sat in the driver's seat, and it was very cramped, but there was tons of room behind!
  9. Rollston bodied '34, unrestored and supposedly owned by a Vanderbilt when new.
  10. I'm asking if anyone knows. This isn't from my era of interest, but I'm always interested in learning about nice unmolested cars that undergo a transformation such as rebodying. It's possible one of the thread viewers may know something about the car in the 1957 photo which was probably rebodied or parted out.
  11. Can anyone shed light on what happened to this 1005 Dietrich? I've been assured it has not shown up in publications, photos, shows, etc. in decades - most likely the result of being rebodied, and not a casualty loss.
  12. The speedster was featured in an issue of the Packard magazine c. 1930, and I've been told by a trusted Packard historian that the body was custom built by a Thompson body company in California, and TRW (Cleveland) had nothing to do with the car or body, despite persistent rumors. Some vendors like John Conde may have reproduced the photos in years past. Walter Miller has some for sale right now. Here's another look at the driver. Let's hope someone can identify him!
  13. Packardbarry - take a look at post 110 by Dave Mitchell and the followup. I've always heard the car referred to as the Maj. Glasscock speedster, but have nothing concrete on his ownership or Thompson's.
  14. Does anyone have any information on this custom?
  15. Great thread! I am a bit late, but for Owen_Dyneto and Landman, I can offer the following on the twin sixes you posted, as I am roster keeper for the twins. Left to right are: 3rd series twin landaulet (1919) ex Harrah, with body by Graff (Chicago); 3rd series twin Cape Victoria (1922) with body by Brunn; and on the bottom, a 2nd series twin limousine (1917) with body by Kimball. The Kimball bodied car was sold at the Rod Blood auction in 1966 with a 2nd series drive train (engine no. 129841). The auction writeup stated: "Mr. Blood secured this chassis from one source, the body from another...."
  16. Definitely Packard twin six, 3rd series, 1918 - 1923. The yoke mounted drum lamps were not standard but available from Packard as an accessory. From what is left of the original body, I think this started as a seven passenger touring. Do you know what the name of the garage or business was? (looks like Wall----lle Garage on the bonnet and rear) There is a slim chance this particular vehicle survives to the present. Thanks for posting and sharing.
  17. Durant Frank is correct. Try this site: QTH.COM Ham Radio Classified Ads - Swap amateur radio HF VHF equipment buy sell trade on line where you could post your needs under either (or both) "radios-antique" or "power supplies". In the amateur (and military) radio hobby, it's a popular site.
  18. There used to be a liquor advertisement, showing a bottle tipped over with the contents spilled, "ever see a grown man cry?" Well, in an effort to provide a bittersweet glimpse into the past, here we have a model J Judkins bodied Duesenberg on the scales, ready for scrapping. The A-C-D roster keeper, Randy Ema, assures me this was not a survivor. Check out the other rig there for weighing in - a tractor. Let us bow our heads, for a moment of silence for a great car, lost for good.
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