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  1. Another big Olds. If I recall correctly, the Autocrats and Limiteds had double running boards, but I have no idea how to distinguish one from the other.
  2. A big Olds outside the Cliff House, San Francisco.
  3. At 10 cents per gallon (I'm ignoring the decimal), a fillup for this little Metz couldn't have run a dollar.
  4. Another car with oval filler neck, Halladay.
  5. A Minerva being repurposed, or at least being treated badly.
  6. An Overland in Illinois. How many makes of car had the oval filler neck on the radiator, which I have always understood was to more easily allow adding water with a bucket?
  7. Mr. Stutz? I saw that car on a tour in Mass. years ago. Is it the only survivor?
  8. I believe one of these gents (on the right?) is Albert Mussey Johnson (May 31, 1872 – January 7, 1948) (Wiki help) ---an eccentric millionaire who served for many years as president of the National Life Insurance Company, built Scotty's Castle in Death Valley, and was variously partner, friend, and dupe of infamous Wild West con man Death Valley Scotty, for whose outrageous antics he later served as financier.
  9. An Owen Magnetic and a Metz (?) taking on steep grades.
  10. What's not to like about an Olds speedster with Solarclypse headlamps?
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